Insane Tom X Tord part 2

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Insane Tom X Tord part 2

Warning Insanity and angst

Requested by: lollipoppinn (Lord I hope I wrote that right!)

Expect a lot of angst from this. I'm not in a good state right now, so yeah....


Tord approached Tom slowly, but when Tom noticed his lover looming to him, he snarled at him. His face showed a lot of emotion, hatred, sadness, insanity and anger. Though Tom did want to forgive Tord for bringing him in such a cruel place and love him again, his demons told him not to. Tom obeyed his demons, letting his hatred take over.

"Thomas, dear, how are you?" Tord asked in a calming voice, but Tom replied, his voice full of spite, "I want to kill you for bringing me to such a place where only insane people go! I'm not insane Tord!" Tord's face changed to shock, but quickly turned to regret. People might say that it's his fault, but Tom was insane, and Tord had to admit Tom into the mental hospital or else his lover would just get worse....

Tord stopped walking, before continuing again, only to be stopped by Tom, who threw his pillow at him. The pillow hit his face, a he yelped in surprise, not expecting it. Tom yelled, "DO NOT COME NEAR ME! I HATE YOU AND FOREVER WILL!"

Tord felt his heart shatter as he stopped gripping the pillow, letting it fall on the clean floor. "T-Thomas, dear, you're not thinking straight... I had to admit you in the hospital so that you would become better. I...I know that you're not insane, but I don't and didn't want to hurt yourself just to see the blood roll down your skin....please Tom.....Let me come near you...."

This always happened every time Tord visited Tom, Tom would yell at him, while Tord would try to explain why he admitted him to the hospital, but Tom would respond with some sort of insult or threat. "NO! I WOULD RATHER END MY FRIENDS' LIFE THAN BE NEXT TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU! NO, NO I WOULD RATHER KILL MYSELF!"

Tord's heart shattered more, but he tried to stay strong and replied, "Tom, if you would end your life instead of staying near me, then....then....." The words never escaped his throat. "Nothing to say?! GOOD! Now get out!" Tom spited out, his face showed pure rage. Tord shook his head and responded, "No."

Tom had enough and pounced on Tord. The older male gasped in surprise, while the younger male scratched Tord's face scabs, making him bleed. Tord pushed Tom off him, instantly getting up and leaving. He regretted going to visiting Tom and decided to not visit him again...

Tom never regained his sanity and died a few weeks after, forgotten by everyone....except Tord...who even though regretted visiting Tom.....he also regretted not visiting his lover one last time....

(Meh, this doesn't make sense....) 

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