Part Three

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I wake up early the next day and take a shower. I dress into a cream sweater that comes down below my butt with light blue jeans. I put on my light brown leather ankle boots leaving my hair down.

I grab my brown leather messenger bag and start my way to my morning class.

On my way, I run into Liam.

"Hey, Hayley right?" he asks.

"Yep, Liam hmm?"

"Yep," he says chuckling.

"Hey," he starts but looks up at me while the wind blows my hair from my face.

"Oh my God! What happened?" he says.

"Nothing!" I say quickly pulling my bangs back down. He stops me.

"This looks really bad, Hayley. Please tell me what happened."

"I tripped over my cat," I lie. I didn't even have a cat. "I have a class to get to," I mumble before pacing to class.


As I was waiting tables that night, I serve Liam again. We were just acting like we didn't know each other. I bring him the bill.

"Wait, Hayley!" he calls. I turn around.

"I'm sorry for earlier. Can we please start over?" he asks.

I smile. "Sure. Here's my number. Give me a call."

Why I gave him my number? I don't really know. I just hope that this is a good decision. If David finds out....well let's just say I'm a goner.

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