Chapter 33

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Benjamin’s smile was so forced that it looked like it hurt. Dressed in a suit and tie, he gestured many people, who he had been forced to invite by Xerxes, into the building. One by one they stepped inside, hands clutching wrapped gifts and parcels that they believed were meant for Claire’s surprise birthday party.

But there was no party. Benjamin had only emailed this out to persons of the Insurgency Club so that no one would say anything to Claire about the gathering. People were arriving, under the pretense that Claire would be arriving later and would be shocked by the party, when in fact, this was far from true.

I hung back in the shadows of the building, away from lights shining from the many rooms. My arm pressed against Xerxes' as we both watched from a distance as many came inside. Leo stood beside Benjamin, making sure he didn’t go out of character or slip out of the facade.

When the doors closed shut and everyone was ushered into the room including Benjamin, I walked out to the door where roughly one hundred people were behind. As my hand wrapped around the handle, I paused, the sudden overwhelming feeling of fear surging forward.

Xerxes pressed a hand against my back and I inhaled deeply, shoving open the door a bit too hard. It smacked against the wall, making a loud noise and I watched as countless heads and eyes swivelled to me.

It was so odd, having so much people staring at you all at once and the queasy feeling of unsurity arose, but I made sure to keep my expression polite as I walked inside. Hands folded behind my back I watched as many began to exchange looks.

“What is she doing here?” A woman hissed, prodding Benjamin on his side. Benjamin scrambled for an answer whilst others looked on in confusion.

I took a step further into the room, which allowed the humans to see who stood beside me. Confusion morphed into shock and then fear as Xerxes entered, loud gasps and whispers filling the air. The werewolf who they all, I assume, shared a hatred towards, was in the same room as them and I could tell that they were unsure on how to react. The many expressions passing over their faces were almost laughable.

The wooden floor creaked under Xerxes’ shoes as he advanced further, taking in every face in the room. Like sheep, the humans began to press closer to one another, backing away from the upcoming werewolf.

My eyes fell upon a man, one who I remembered had been at Mary’s party; Jeffery. His head immediately lowered when he saw that I noticed him, his face slack with what looked like guilt.

“I’d like to speak with you all.” Xerxes’ voice thundered over the many whispering voices and mouths snapped closed. “Amicably and civilly.”

No one said anything at first. But then a blond haired woman stepped up from behind a few people, eyeing Xerxes almost suspiciously. Her head was held high but her voice trembled, “About what?”

“I know what you all plan to do with the werewolves of this town,” Xerxes revealed. “And I want to see if I could change your minds.”

Awkward silence rippled through the air. I could hear Leo asking me through my earpiece if everything was fine, but I didn’t respond yet. I looked through a window, seeing one of the five vans which held soldiers, ready to attack if needed. Things could get nasty very soon if the persons inside the room decided to become aggressive.

As I looked over the persons in the room again, I could tell that they were still reeling from the shock of having the Alpha in the room. Xerxes glanced back at me and I raised my shoulders.

“Just hear him out.” To my complete surprise, it was Benjamin who said this. Taken Aback I stared wide-eyed as he continued speaking, “Do you remember that meeting we had weeks ago? When we spoke about what we would say to him if we were to ever meet him?”

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