Chapter 31

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Greta's hands were folded politely, chin high as the SUV came to a stop outside the house. I didn't miss the flash of relief in her eyes when they landed on me. I grinned at her.

"Told ya I'd be safe and sound." I chirped, erupting in laughter when I saw her eyes narrow, softening when they went to my younger siblings. She walked backwards and held open the front door.

"Come on young humans. I have prepared breakfast for you two."

"What about me?" I questioned, taking up two bags from the trunk whilst Xerxes and Leo took up the rest. "I'm very hungry."

"Me too." My mother joined in, shuffling almost nervously around me so that Greta could see her. "I would love some breakfast as well."

Greta tilted her head. "Ah yes, Mrs. Valle. I have some food prepared. Just follow me." She shot me a glare and walked inside the house, leaving the rest of us to trail behind with the heavy bags.

Xerxes followed me to the guest rooms and set the bags down. As I walked into a bathroom, making sure there were towels available, Xerxes spoke from where he stood by the doorway.

"Arthur is flying in today." He said. "He's visiting relatives in the area, but says he has some important things to discuss. I'm going to go with Leo to the airport."

I gently closed a cabinet, satisfied at what I saw and looked back to him. "What time are you leaving?"

"In five hours. So around 8:30 or so," Xerxes said, stepping back so I could pass him, watching me as I walked across the room to stand by an open window, the curtains rising and falling with each gust of wind that blew through.

"How do you feel about seeing Gary again?" I asked, feeling uneasy as I remembered his face. Benjamin was right in saying that Gary was strong; it seemed like that werewolf had somehow managed to gain so much muscle in so little time. It had only been months ago since I last saw him, and he had been far from muscular.

But now, it seemed like he had an entire transformation. It made sense now about Benjamin's words; I had no doubts that Gary blamed me for his face being almost completely destroyed by the bombs which were set off. I knew there were also probably many things that Gary despised me for.

"I'll admit," Xerxes grunted, a chair creaking under his weight as he sat. "I was surprised to see that he's alive."

I looked back at him when that was all he said and his eyebrows lifted.

"That's it?" I asked. Xerxes shrugged, glancing to a painting hanging on a wall. It was of a small house near an ocean, with a sun setting in the distance.

"I'm mostly shocked is all."

I shifted on my feet, rested my back against a wall, studying his face and his now dark eyes filled with confusion as he appeared to be remembering his step brother.

"I can see that." I said softly. The noise of glass breaking had both Xerxes and I springing to attention. I could hear my mother chastising either George or Alyssa and I slowly exited the room, my movements sluggish.

The hallway seemed to blur as I walked, feeling a wave of tiredness. Eyes blinked slowly as I paused, waiting for my vision to become clear again. Xerxes watched my face, amused as I gathered myself and continued walking down the hall.

A strong hand caught mine when I headed towards the stairs. "Where are you going?" Xerxes asked, pulling me backwards gently.

I swallowed back my yawn and stared up at him, wondering how he wasn't as tired as I was. "To go make sure the others are settling in."

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