Chapter 30

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I sunk into the stiff chair, body leaned forward in anticipation, eyes fixed on the small, rectanglular screen resting on the oval table, countless wires attached to the back of the large device. Xerxes stood behind me as Easton fiddled with the wires, until footage showed on the screen, allowing everyone to see what Kesley was seeing.

I stiffened when I saw a man approach her when she neared the entrance of the glass building, barking out various questions about why she was here. It was hard to hide that she was a werewolf, so she gave some story about hating Xerxes and wanting to be apart of the great plan that Idina was formulating. The guard looked at her sharply afterwards, but stepped aside, letting her in.

For several minutes, all we saw was darkness, but heard the noise of her boots thumping against what sounded like tiled floor. Kesley paused at a door, which a young lady held open with a polite smile. And as soon as she stepped inside, I could see what looked like at least a hundred people in the room, voices loud and grating.

Kesley was able to sit in a seat, nearby a group of humans crowded around a table. She angled her body close to them as they spoke and I found it difficult for me to hear them. I looked behind me to Xerxes who locked eyes with me briefly, but then his head turned back to the screen when Kesley stood. I noticed that the group of persons had stopped talking and were staring at her suspiciously as she rose to her feet.

When she moved further into the room, I could see a small stage set up, a few microphone stands in place on it as well. A few people milled back and forth, placing sheets of papers and filling glasses with water. A banner was situated on a wall behind the stage, the large words of 'The Insurgency Club' on it.

Kesley sat in a seat nearest to the stage and for a long while, that was all she did. I looked down at a watch I wore. It was clear that the starting time of this meeting had passed, yet no one around Kesley seemed to be complaining. Kesley began to fidget then, a sigh of impatience being heard.

But then, abruptly, people began walking to seats as well, their voices echoing in the room, only stopping when a woman, dressed provocatively, swayed on stage. The golden dress she wore was tight-fitting, making no effort to hide her curves. I was certain that one would see her behind if she chose to bend over because of how short the dress was.

"Good night. I mean, Good morning. My name is Alexandria Farret." She purred into the microphone, confidence oozing from her voice. "Sorry about the delay; the founder hadn't arrived yet."

No one said anything. Someone coughed from in the back.

"Anyhow, I'll just get into what exactly we'll be talking about throughout this meeting. So we'll be discussing how exactly we'll be carrying out the plan, which Claire and Idina had talked about the last time we met up. Unfortunately, Idina will not be able to make it; I've been trying to get into contact with her but haven't gotten a call. But I'm sure she's fine."

My eyes lowered briefly. "She's fine alright." I muttered.

"I know some of you may be tired, so this meeting won't be long," The woman continued. "However, I also know that some of you are eager to see who the founder is. It's my pleasure, to introduce to you, the founder and my fiancé, Gary Havenough!"

A man stepped out of the shadows behind the stage, his movements slow but precise. I swallowed blood from my bitten tongue as a feeling of cold dread washed through me, along with icy shock. Gary came into the light and my eyes immediately went to the horribly scarred side of his face, the flesh bumpy and pale. The entire half was ruined and I knew, that those bombs had done a great damage to him.

He didn't walk the same way he used to in the past, and there was a slight limp which he did with each step he took. Gary was self-conscious about his face, judging by the way he purposely angled his body so that the normal half of his face could mostly be seen.

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