Chapter 29

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I know that you all have wanted to see more steamy stuff between Xerxes and Rebecca, so I decided to try and write a little something something in the chapter. Keep in mind, I'm still new at writing this sort of things, so don't expect it to be anything fantastic. Hope you all enjoy the chapter!


“That was the most I’ve ever heard you talk.” I told Xerxes almost four hours later. Xerxes glanced over at me, his silver eyes tired as he put away his coat in the closet and began to yank at the tie around his neck, almost in annoyance.

I hid my smile as I turned to also shove off the coat I wore, dropping it unceremoniously to the bedroom floor, which earned me a scowl from Xerxes.

“They’re lovely folks.” Xerxes said absent-mindedly after managing to wrangle the tie away with a grunt. My face, for whatever reason, felt greasy and I headed towards the bathroom, coming to a halt when Xerxes stepped in front of me, blocking my way. His eyes lowered to my coat and then back to me suggestively and I sighed dramatically, lifting a hand to run my fingers against his broad jaw.

“Be a dear and put that away for me?” I chirped, unmoved when his eyes narrowed sharply. When all I got was a glare, I sighed, lifted the coat and put it away, dramatically smacking my hands together as if getting rid of dust and walked right into the bathroom, feeling Xerxes’ eyes on me.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, glancing up every now and then to the dark skies behind the open window. It was around eleven p.m. and I wasn’t tired, probably because I had slept in the afternoon for a while.

After changing my clothes into sleepwear, I left the bathroom, my eyes eagerly taking in the sight of Xerxes’ wide muscled chest and torso. The lower half of his body rested beneath the soft duvet. I swallowed hard when Xerxes caught me staring, focusing on the lamp on the bedside table instead. After a moment of sending off a few texts to my mother and a couple more people, I too got into bed, listening to the sound of a movie which Xerxes had put on whilst staring at the high ceiling above.

Sleep did not come and I ended up staying awake even after the movie had finished. Xerxes, to my surprise, also hadn’t fallen asleep and instead chose to rest beside me, his shoulder pressing against mine as we both stared up ahead, lost in our thoughts. It was only minutes later that I realized how comical Xerxes and I would look to someone who decided to enter the bedroom. A bubble of mirth grew in my chest and I laughed softly. Xerxes’ head turned, thick brows raised.

“What are you laughing at?” He asked, but I shook my head. I often found that when I explained a joke that I thought of to others, they wouldn’t understand it and a strange, awkward silence would follow. I turned on my side to face Xerxes instead, my breath hitching when he too decided to follow suit. My eyes fell on his lips which were so close to mine, and then back to his eyes.

“I thought you told me you were tired earlier.” I murmured softly, noticing that those silver obs of his were no longer dull with sleep but instead gleamed with a mischievousness that made the pit of my stomach warm. His gaze was full of heat and I cleared my throat, beginning to nervously create some distance between us, only for him to draw me forward with an arm, my eyes fluttering shut as he kissed my neck delicately.

My fingernails pinched his chest when he nipped my earlobe, pressed his lips against my own. One large palm touched my cheek, cradling it softly as he moved above me, his other hand roaming under my shirt and his fingers drifiting across the skin of my stomach. My hips bucked at the intrusion of his fingers in my pajama shorts, when they pulled gently at my underwear.

I stifled a laugh when he couldn’t get it off, but gasped when he decided to roughly pull both my underwear and shorts off. His own boxers came off soon after and I felt a hot flush on my face.

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