Chapter 28

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Hi. So, I'm back. If you all read the message on my message board, then you'd see why I took the break. Wattpad is the place that I come on to try and enjoy reading books as well as write my own, but I had felt really disheartened and sad  because of some comments left on my first book, Beyond These Walls. However, I now have a better idea on how I will handle those sort of comments.

I'd also like to thank AccaliaDupre , chriscalaghan , PandaLovein , JoanneAdamson , KristianaDoka , imastupididyut , 018gabyy , Llpetitto and  Ndiyah for your sweet words of encouragement and advice. I read each message and I really, really appreciate them. 

Now...unto the story:


"Where were you?" Sissy's voice
carried from the kitchen she stood in and I teetered on the edge of the bottom stairs, hesitating in facing her. I looked up, contemplating whether or not I should blurt out some random excuse and make a run for my room, but I'm sure she would follow me there.

I faced her slowly, noticing the way her eyes went over my body in curiosity. "Leo dropped George and Alyssa off this morning and they were asking for you." Sissy said, her fingernails tapping casually against the glass of water she held. She cocked her head. "So where were you?"

"Um," I cleared my throat. "I went on a walk."

She raised her eyebrows, not fooled. "You're wearing the same clothes that you did last night. You have a painful looking bruise by your jaw. And your eyes are red and you look like you didn't sleep."

Smart girl.

I rolled my tongue in my mouth, stepping backwards and resting my arm on the bannister of the stairs and forced a smile. "Alright, alright. I got into a little altercation last night and I stayed up with Xerxes by the shed whilst he interrogated the person who punched me."

Sissy sipped her water slowly, eyeing me and then lowered the glass. "So does this person have a name?"

My hands tightened around the bannister. There was no way I would tell her that her mother was the one who had been 'interrogated.'

"It doesn't matter, Sissy. Have you had breakfast yet?" My attempt to change conversation was a complete failure. She squinted her eyes at me and waved a finger sternly, instantly reminding me of my mother when she would catch me doing mischief as a child.

"Nuh-uh. You're gonna tell me what happened or I'll just ask Xerxes." Sissy said.

I let out a breath. "Then you do that. I'm going to take a nap." I almost twisted an ankle as I ran up the stairs, feeling a bit guilty that Xerxes probably would be left to discuss with Sissy about what had happened in that shed.

I stripped once inside my bedroom, tossed the clothes into a hamper and made my way to the shower. I spent roughly ten minutes inside and slipped on a onesie that Penelope had bought for me after my house had burnt down and crawled into bed, heaving the duvet over my head and blocking out the noises of the television below and Greta's obnoxious humming.

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