Tables May Turn

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"Aleah!" Astaroth called out, I could hear his footsteps thundering up to his study.

Oh no he sounds angry... please don't let me look stupid!

"Aleah, get your @ss up here now!" His voice filled the house. The others in the kitchen scurried to their rooms like mice running from water. His voice shook me making my eyes turn to the reason I stayed here. Talya, her eyes closed as she slept peacefully in the corner by the refrigerator only stirring a little at his booming voice.

I quickly ran up the stairs tripping multiple times over my feet. I entered the room with shaky knees and quick breath.

"Aleah, why must you always anger me!" It wasn't a question. I bowed and with a quiet squeak managed to mutter, "I was preparing for your dinner with The Werewolf King..." settling my anger aside. He fumbled with papers on his desk and sighed. The air was stale meaning someone, most likely Talya, found air freshener in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. The floor was a white marble. The door I had walked through was maple with beautiful designes engraved into the front and back. I loved and hated this room. Red drapes covered the glass windows that never seemed to have even a speck of dust on them, but that was due to my cleaning. This room was the hardest to clean the window was much too tall for my '5, 4' height. Contrary to what most would expect I was tan and not pastey white.

"Aleah, come here", he says with a swivel of his chair and pat on his lap. I hesitantly walked around his desk and sat on his lap. Some would call me weak, but if I didn't do as he said bad things would happen to me and other slaves.

He traced my jaw with his index finger and pushed my head into a tilt. I leaned into his other hand that had found its way to the other side of my face. I knew he would make Talya sleep outside if I pulled away. He pressed his lips to my neck. He groaned. I could feel the tips of his fangs grazing my skin ever so slightly.

"My King! Oh sorry I shall come back" Randof the kings second said as he barged in through the door. Lucifer I mean Astaroth groaned in annoyance and slid me off his lap gently.

"What do you want Randy? This better be good!" He growled with his fangs on full display for all in the room to see. A tingle ran through my spine knowing he had those repulsive things gliding across my neck.

"The Werewolf King is here and he brought his nephew my King", his legs shook. He was strong but still quaked at the sound of an angry Vampire King.

With a wave of his hand Astaroth said in a bored tone, "Well what are you waiting for bring them to my study!"

Randolf ran through the door again to fetch the King and his nephew. I slowly and quietly made a move to leave.

Not even a minute later a ice cold hand gripped my wrist. "Aleah" he said and tsked with a shake of his head. "When did I dismiss you?"

He slid his left arm around my waist and walked back to his desk chair with me in tow. I ended up back in his lap.

"What could be so important that you would leave my side beautiful?" He kissed my jaw.

"There is a new slave coming in and I have been in charge of training him", I said spitting out the word slave. Humans were people not property or machines for the supernatural @sswholes.

He pushed me off of his lap. My butt hit the floor with a thump.

He waved his hand dismissing me. "Go on then no one can train him better than you" his voice passive and unemotional.

I picked myself up and left to the kitchen and waited for the new addition to the Kings human footsteps.

Twenty minutes and he was late!
A freaking hour!

After what felt like forever he stepped through the door. He wasn't what I was expecting at all he had forest green eyes and pink lips. His hair was perfect not one brown curl out of place. He was built nicely. His eyebrows were perfectly arched naturally! His muscles were visible for all to see through his tight-fitting shirt.

It wasn't uncommon for a slave to have muscles or tight clothes. Some could not afford new clothes. Not many had muscles as defined as this new guy.

As I oogled his beauty a sniffle came from the corner and then a soft child-like yawn. Talya had just awoken and would soon be hungry. Her waking snapped me out of my trance.

I glared at the newby. "You're late! You would think they would train you better knowing you were to serve the King Astaroth! Well let's go before you get us both in trouble, newby" I scolded him and grabbed his freakishly large hand. Sparks flew through my hand. He probably had been stupid and touched something he shouldn't have touched. Idiot!

Talya crept from the corner with her head down. "Al, I'm hungry... who's he?" She said looking at the newby sizing him up. The first thing you learn when you are thrown into slavery is trust no one. It was different for Talya and I. We took everything on together but you can never be too careful.

"Newby. Tal, there is a piece of bread in the cabinet in our room under the closet rack. Eat half of that then start on the floors. Remember sweep, scrub, then mop, got it?" I said putting my hand on my hip. The other was still holding the new guys hand. I glanced back at him.

He was staring at our joined hands. Not waiting for Talya to confirm that she understood, I pulled him to were he would be staying.

I stopped in the middle of the room. I looked at him only to see him still staring at our hands. I let go.

"Why did you do that!?!" His voice was deep like he had drunk dairy all his life. I might have sighed if I wasn't so mad that the agency had sent in an idiot!

"Why does the agency always send idiots!" I mumbled to myself. He tilted his head a little as if he was checking me out. I ignored him and grabbed scrubbing brushes with a bucket that had been left from the previous slave that had died from old age. Kyli a seventy-five year old man that acted as a father figure to both Talya and I. He had gone peacefully in his sleep. It had been his birthday... I was the one to find him.

"We will start with the front mud room, then move to the second in the east section", I threw a scrubbing brush at him. He caught it effortlessly and smiled.

"So what else do we do?" He walked close to my heels and took the bucket from me.

"Watch out that's heavy!" I started but he just rocked it back and forth as he walked gaining speed on me. I rolled my eyes.

"We must be in bed with the lights out at twelve exactly. We are not allowed to fight or argue with any of the other residents or guest Mr. High and Mighty has over even if they have a stick wedged up their already tight @sses!" I laughed and heard a little chuckle burst from his lips.

I smiled a little. "When we are done cleaning we get one hour of music and it cannot be rap or delinquent or alternative", I took a sharp left and stopped at a sink in the West wing of the house.

"Why? What's so bad about that type of music?" He asked putting the bucket under the sink staring at the left side of my face.

I shook my head, "The King says it provokes defiant or rebellious acts. We all would hate for the slaves to rise and burn everything the supernaturals have built that suite them oh so well".

"Not all supernaturals are bad, right?" He said filling the bucket with soap and following me to the mud room.

"Ha, I have yet to meet any supes that are not total @sswholes! They're all the same. Terrifying grotesque monsters that think too highly of themselves!" My hands turned to fists instinctively.

"Maybe you just haven't met the right ones..." He said as I got down on my knees and dumped the scrubs into the soapy bucket.

I sighed, "Sure newby". He stood there over me just watching. I finally got tired if being watched and pulled him down to the floor, or tried. He was like an immovable object.

He mimicked my position and started scrubbing with me. I glanced at him and smiled. Maybe he wasn't such an idiot.

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