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Ima Nerd (it has nothing to do with the topic)

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Wat up wolfs today we r going to talk about my birthday yesterday. I hate it I stay home and sis nothing my dad promise me he'll take me shooting at my sister came back from drumline auction at 4:30 it look like the place close at 4:00 I was sad angry I could rip up a punching bag give the couch scars or rip up the couch I didn't lucky he told me we'll go at the weekends and said no he lied to me I did nothing I was bored out of my mind no b-day prensent my little sister forgot when we got home for school she made me a paper clip braclet my friend who remember me b-day could go to the store to buy a present gave me two dollar god I was happy peeps ask my if I brought cupcake I said no I never bring cupcake they were like I hate u or fuck u and I'm like y u use that word we are still in 5th grade were not suppose to cuss a school rule I thought we have 100 miles club at my school if u know wat I mean I love u as a friend ok back to the story we can go to high school to run and 6:00-7:00 my dad had a interview at that time I couldn't get my miles up no cake I was lie to I'm try not to cry because no one remember my b-day but my friend and older sister I got present one only new record but it will never beat my 4th b-day I had a real b-day party I was happy now not I don't like my birthdays anymore since yesterday because I didn't do anything for yesterday my nineth I did something I'm just bum out

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