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"What are you waiting for, Tae?" Jin hissed, jerking his head towards the hallway. "Go after her!"

Taehyung's eyes were still rooted towards the ladies' toilets. "It's too late now," he breathed out.

It seemed to be so in his mind. Yes, an exaggeration, of course, but the saxophone player was made out of the severe inconvenience of jumping to conclusions.

"I swear to all my non-existent fucks, Tae, you better change into some slacks or I'll rip your dress off and do it for you!"

"You'll be filed for sexual harassment, Jin," the younger only said, scowling.

"Well I'll be fine rotting in prison so long as you go and make up with Inhui," Jin persisted, taking the instrument out of Taehyung's hands. "Now fuck off upstairs or else I'll shove your beloved saxophone down your throat!"

Taehyung didn't deign to reply as he gingerly got down the stage stairs before rushing down the halls, the audience slightly confused but too distracted with their stuck up conversations about family business and the hotel caviar tasting simply splendid!

You know, whatever rich folk talked about.

The main hero of our tale wasted no time bursting through his room, finding something appropriately classy to wear and slipping it on as quickly as he could. He just managed to pop his glasses upon his nose before dashing outside once more, locking the hotel room.

As he strode past the ornate hallways, he passed vases sat against the walls, lush flowers glimmering against the chandelier light.

He wondered to one of the vases, picking a blood red rose, careful of the thorns as he approached the grand dining hall once more.

"Girls! Girls!" Jungkook's voice rang through the commotion, that damned clipboard being part of the racket as the leader tapped his conducting stick aggressively to grab the ladies' attention.

He wasn't going to get any though.

For the moment Taehyung stepped inside the ballroom, the girls' attention, savage, hungry little shits, found a victim to salivate over.

And boy, did some found themselves unable to function.

"Oh, my—"

"Who is that—?"

"Did I just piss myself a little—?"

Taehyung loved attention; who didn't?

But when attention was the last thing he wanted to attract, it was not helpful when half the girls in the hall were ready to drop their knickers for him.

The boy tipped his panama hat lower, hiding his eyes from locking with any other. His gaze only strayed to the women's bathroom, hoping for a certain singer to stroll right out.

For a while she did not. Kept the pseudo-millionaire waiting as he searched his mind for an excuse to offer her, although he had a feeling that even the most reasonable will not suffice.

Minutes later, Jungkook called for the very girl he waited for.

"Where is Inhui?!" He demanded the other girls. When they would not answer he grumbled to himself.

Taehyung heard the flush of a toilet.

Jungkook turned towards the hallways to find his lead singer, eyes somehow straying to the bathroom doors.

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