Chapter 29

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Your POV

Staring at the blank ceiling above, you fail attempting to rid yourself of the ubiquitous worries clogging up at the back of your mind.

''I'm addicted to your blood...''  you remember him saying.

So does that mean he'll bite me every time he sees me? So it was true after all...he only desires my blood. Not like it matters anymore anyway...everything between us is over.

But then...if he truly wanted to just drink my blood, he wouldn't have told me to get away though...right? What if he still cares-

''heyyyy'' Jackson's voice interrupts you from your myriad of thoughts, and you snap back to reality. He sits on the bed beside you, leaning on the upturned palms of his hands.

''Are you okay? What are you thinking about?'' he asks, slight worry etched into his features.


As your eyes gently flutter closed, you hear the bed creak beside you. And although you see it coming, you make no effort to prevent it.

His lips crash with yours, not harsh but rather gentle, and it lasts nothing but a few seconds. ''you're really vulnerable right now, you know...'' he speaks, retreating back to where he originally was. ''why didn't you stop me?''

Your eyes lazily roll open, locking with his. ''why did you do it in the first place?''

He shrugs, flopping down and laying beside you. ''I can tell you're thinking about him...''

Your silence urges him to continue. ''Why don't you date me? Get your mind off him...'' he casually asks.

''You want to become a distraction?'' you ask, turning your back so you face him. ''That's...''

''You don't have to answer straight away...think about it'' he pops, sitting back up.

Date Jackson...?


Carrying some extra clothes (for when you transform), you and Jackson head out in the midst of night, the path at your feet fading as it leads into the darkness of the woods. It was disorientating to be almost blinded but given the ears of a wolf.

''It's so quiet...'' you mutter, tracing your fingers against the moist oak trees. As a wolf, such silence would seem tranquil, but out here now seemed like the quiet of a graveyard. In a way it kind of was, as your whole pack was killed here.

Jackson beside you takes a deep breath, his sense of smell sensitized. He takes in the loamy fragrance of the earth, the damp earthy scent of the leaves, and when he opens his eyes again, his bones twist and turn like mechanical snakes until he turns into a wolf.

You let out a sigh of relief. ''Took you a while to learn'' you grin, reciprocating the same process until you too had turned.

''hey, imagine there were more werewolf survivors like us'' you say to Jackson, as your paws caressed the velvet flesh of the forest grounds.

''There must be more out there, disguised in human form'' Jackson responds. It was almost overwhelming how you guys were communicating without actually speaking.

Your ears suddenly stand up as you pick up some signs of movement. ''hey, shhh''

You both freeze and listen vigilantly. ''This way-''

You don't have time to finish your sentence when an arrow speeds across the air and penetrates straight into Jackson's back. The lethal attack weakens him in an instant, and he falls to the ground in pain.

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