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Emeliano's pov

She stayed.

Although, I still get my fair share of worries, I was still hunted by my past, I knew it wouldn't be easy to forget, I knew I would never forget, but I still try my best to be positive. Rebecca wasn't like the others, she was different, and I trusted her.

I knew she'd never leave and I knew there was a future here.

But- will I be able to pull through? Forget the past totally and settle in the idea of Rebecca being around? Would I be able to put both of my feet into this relationship?

This very complicated relationship?

I will, I'll try to make it work, even if it meant starting over again. We would pull through together and I'll take her words for it.

These past few weeks had been the best for Rebecca and I, although Rebecca still didn't call her mom since she found out about everything, I knew quite well that she wasn't ready for the confrontation.

Who would be?

But still, she'd still have to face the truth one day, she'd still have to face Rafael.

That bloody bastard.

Just thinking about him was getting me angry... I opened my laptop again, ready to work... My work has always been a barrier between me and my social life, I knew that, but ever since my father died, ever since I took in the responsibility of managing the business, I sacrificed half of myself into it... I had to.

It was really rare to find young CEOs at the age of twenty six... Most CEOs out there were mostly old and almost ready for death beds, but here I am, cursed with this heavy responsibility at a youthful age.

I was used to it, Marcos had his own company to run, he had his own fair share of my father's property but he had too many workers under him and his greed was insatiable, that was exactly why he worked hand in hand with Rafael to overtake my company.

Marcos hated me, I knew that, he blamed me for something I didn't do... At least that was what Rafael made me think- he was the one who placed the idea in my head- he told me that I-

What are you doing Emeliano... You promised never to let that issue come back to you... Why the hell are you thinking about it now?

I shook my head off the Banished thoughts immediately.

The door to my office swung open revealing Piper... "Hey."

"Hi... What have I told you about knocking bef-"

"Save it." Piper said. "Diego and I have a date, I'm leaving early, and you should call Rebecca... She's been calling non stop and try to give her your cell phone number, she really doesn't have to call through the office line everytime."

"Will do that, your Highness." I said to her.

Piper rolled her eyes. "Whatever, so yeah... I'm leaving early, is there anything you might need?"

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