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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"Draco y'all chill out" I told him and Kamyrnn cause they ass thought they was at the park or some

"aight, daddy let me see yo' phone" Kamyrnn said coming over to me

"Kam you having to much fun, what yo' grades look like?" Ben asked looking at her as I gave her my phone

"you for real or you tryna play me?" she always think somebody tryna play her

"girl I'm deadass serious, I ain't seen you pull out no homework since you got home"

"Ian got homework cause real niggas don't have homework" I scrunch my face up at her lie. Ion know why she be so quick to tell a lie

"that's what you think, but as long as you 'round here you do. Stop playing so much, you got homework?"

"no, I ain't slow, I know to do my homework"

"yeah cause you know everything gone be mine. Phone, Apple Watch, compu—-" she cut me off

"aight I get it bruh, and I'm finna go" she said and these niggas Started Laughing Like Something was funny

""that shit ain't funny, and where you think you finna go?" she think she can up and leave when she won't to

"to the corner store to meet the weed man"

yeah right, don't get yo' ass beat" I told her cause she play to much, but she be deadass too. Sometimes I can't tell the difference from if she playing or not

"I'm just playing, but for real I'm going to the corner store. I want some candy" she said

"don't make me have to come up there, and get you" 3Three said pointing at her

"for real, I shouldn't be letting you walk nowhere by yourself. You smart though, and close my gate. Ion want nobody walking on my property"

"bruh we the only ones that got a gate round the house"

"You really be forgetting yo' daddy a public figure" KD said

"for real, now when they come take yo' ass what you gone do?" Boomer said standing up looking dumb as hell, I laughed a little. This nigga a whole clown

"shut up boom box, Draco you want candy or chips?" she asked waving Boomer stupid ass off

"I wanna go with you" Draco 3 and talk clear as day, and he smart as fuck

"you can't go" Kamyrnn told him and he shook his head yes "no"

"Draco, you not going, so drop that. What you want?"

"taste the rainbow " he said putting his finger in his mouth

"get that lil nigga some skittles Kam" I told her before she left out

Kamyrnn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"okay get off of me" I said mad cause the week was over and I was going back with my momma. I love my momma, but I'm more of a daddy's girl

"nooo, I love you. Tell me you love me and ima get off you" my daddy was holding me and Ian wanna be bothered

"I love you" I blankly said wanting him to get off me

"nah you ain't mean it"

"for real I love you, I love you" he let me go

"when yo' momma get here don't try to give me no hug before you leave " yeah aight

Blueface ass 😭

"now yo' know ima give you a hug, and a big wet kiss" I told him

"no you not"

a few minutes after that my momma came and I got extra mad. I wasn't tryna hear nothing nobody had to say

"girl don't start with yo' attitude cause I don't have time for that tonight. You gone fuck around and catch a case" my momma told me as we walked to the door with my daddy behind us

"Ian even say n—" my daddy cut me off

"say mane chill with that, she ain't even say nothing to nobody. If she mad then let her be mad cause by yo' ass saying shit ain't helping"

She was wasn't making nothing better cause it made me wanna choke her even more. Ion understand why she just can't leave me alone

"no cause every time I bring her ass over here, I come back to get her, and she got a attitude. I'm tired of that" she explained

"well ain't shit I can do bout that, oh well. We can change the dates, and she can stay two weeks. It really don't matter to me" yeah, that kinda energy

"NO" fuck is she yelling for?

"well quit complaining, and stop yelling in my house. My son sleep, you can go" my momma looked at him then looked at me and rolled her eyes

"come on Kamyrnn" she said before opening the door leaving out

I gave my daddy a hug and kiss

"be good, and don't be getting in trouble. Ima See you next week if yo' momma ain't tripping. Don't do to much with her either, stay out the way. Leave her big head ass boyfriend alone"

my daddy hate my momma boyfriend. He ain't cut right, but his brain a little decent

"aight love you" we did our handshake, and I left to go get in the car

Hope y'all like this one, is short by oh well

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