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I am now heading on a place to meet a friend.

I know this is the right time for us to meet after a long time.

I am quietly seating at tge backseat when my phone rings.

" Hello Goodafternoon "

" Daddd! I want to go home! " Jennie whined.

" Then go home honey, I'm on my way to a business meeting "

" I can't, Lisa has still a practice, and Dad why are you allowing my agent to be a normal student? "

" You mean your girlfriend? " I said teasing.

" Whatever, we'll be home late then. Bye Dad, I love you. "

" Okay honey, I love you. Do take care " I said and end the call. I was whout to keep it when it rings again only to see Jennies calling ID.

" What is it this time? "

" We'll be home later that late Dad. She just ask me for a date " I can sense her smile.

" Okay. Enjoy " I ended it again and keep immediately.

After 15 mins we arrived just in time.

I find for a seat and relaxes.

" Nice to see you again " I heard a voice saying from my back.

" Marcus! " I said satnding up to shake a hand but instead he hug me.

" It's been a long time my friend "

" How about let's settle down and catch up later? "

" Just like the old time Kim, the old times "

We ordered for our snacks and start the talk.

" So how's Jennie? "

" She's fine now. I mean after the process " i hate recalling the past but I know we just can't run fron it.

" Good to hear, and Lisa? "

" She's stiff " I said, Marcus just laugh at the thought.

" I know she is "

" What did you do to her? " I ask out of curiosity.

" I changed her " he said but now in a low tone.

" But you didn't have to "

" I know, but I wanted to, it is the least thing I can do " je said and memories came flashing back at that night.


" Love, I'll be leaving with Marcus. Make sure to secure the place " Marcus said smiling.

" Okay love, please don't be late "

Mr. Kim then walk her way to a room and peek.

" Are you staying here? " her child ask the other girl around 7 yrs old.

" I think so, they are going right? "

" uhuh. "

" Knock knock! " Mr. Kim interupts their talk.

" Daddy! I thought you were leaving? "

" Well I am about to sweetheart, " she kissed the child on her forehead.

" Hey, promise to look after my princess? "

" Sure Mr. Kim I will " the other kid sqid shyly.

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