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Lucah left and Cy fidgeted as Scot walked into the house again. They'd been dating a month. They weren't Order, but if they were, the house was a declaration of feelings. Logically, anyone in their right mind would be ecstatic that their-- mate-- had bought them a house. Scot made a declaration and the entire world knew, now.

"We'll go to dinner and when we come back, we will have some things?" Scot smiled, holding out his hand and Cy stared at those long tapered fingers, trying to imagine them wrapped around some part of him. He took a deep breath and placed his hand in Scot's.

Dinner wasn't anything like lunch. For the second time in two days, Cy found himself at Mollie's grill, eating a burger. An SUV pulled into the parking lot, incongruous with the classic muscle cars that lined one side. Az climbed out of it and headed to the window.

Cy watched his twin, wishing to join him, but he stayed where he was. He sat on the top of the picnic table, eating one bite after another and tasting nothing.

Before Lucah showed up and ruined their date, he and Scot were good. Finding out that Lucah was mated to both Raven and Scot dampened any feelings Cy had on the matter. Trying to erase the look on Raven's face as the man stood on his patio didn't make sense. Telling Scot he didn't want to be mated to him had, and felt right, but Scot refused to listen.

Everything moved too fast after the announcement and he needed to settle his colors down before he could process. Scot was in 'go' mode, taking Cy's acquiescence as acceptance. Well, he'd said the words, but not the right ones.

Az headed to the restrooms but didn't come back, and Scot was ready to leave.

"I need to bring my Hellcat," Scot said as they climbed into the MKZ. "Your Firebird, too. Do you have class tomorrow?"

Cy raised his eyebrows at the question. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a month, Scot had brought Cy lunch at school. Tomorrow was Thursday. Didn't Scot remember? Cy's schedule had been a huge discussion when they worked out times to see each other.

"No, I don't. We can get the cars tomorrow."

"We'll do that." Scot nodded and pulled out of the parking lot. "I have to keep my hands off of you." He sighed. "I'll go to Middle End tonight. If I don't, I'm going to break our agreement."

The tightening in his muscles over the anticipation didn't come, but Cy pretended it had, falling into the new turn of events with resignation. "I'm staying here?"

"Do you like the house? I know Lucah..."

"I like the house." Of course, he did. Raven lived beyond the pool. It was the same reason Scot and Lucah liked the house.

"Cy, I know you said my birthday. You wanted to be my birthday present. I wondered if we might do something between now and then? You're a virgin and I don't want to scare you? I want your first time to be better than mine," Scot said the last part softly.

He started to protest until Az's hand squeezed his shoulder from the backseat. Oh, he loved his twin very much at that moment.

"Okay," Cy agreed and Scot gave him a magnificent smile.

The furniture was in the house when they arrived, but not arranged. Cy wondered how Scot managed that but didn't ask. Scot led him to the master bedroom and the platform bed sat in the center of the room; the only peaceful part of the chaos around them.

Cy stood in the middle of the floor and Scot walked around him until they were facing each other. Those long tapered fingers caressed his jaw and Cy closed his eyes. Another scene he hadn't lived, played out, and as Scot moved behind him, tilting his head back, and brushing his lips across Cy's, another voice filled the awkward silence.

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