The Start Part 1

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11th March 2019 All Rights Reserved


Jute's POV...

I was ten when I came home with my father after he had taken me across state to the state science fair which I had been enrolled in to showcase my invention.

It wasn't very big. In fact, it was quite smell. It was a jelly bag that hung off the key ring. My dad was the one who invented it with me. It was a safety thing that I thought of which you can use to open your car door with when in a really big hurry.

As we all know. Most wifi keys won't open or unlock your car until you are like ten or fifteen feet away from your vehicle.

It started with me holding my dads keys against my head and aiming the key at the car as I moved right back from it. I got back as far as fifty feet and it unlocked the car.

But most people won't think to put the key up to their heads to amplify the signal through the fluid running through and around our brains. So, we invented the Key-Blob. It was held in front of the key and away it went sending the signal tight out to your car well before you got to it.

The only bummer about it was when you would be parked somewhere and some criminal comes along and jumps into your car before you get there and steals it?

It made us then think of something that helped with that aspect. Hence the blob aslo acted as a kill switch until you actually turn the car on. It was a safety issue. But it worked and we were showcasing it at the science fair.

It got really exciting for me and dad who has been working on it for years. Actually, we have only been working on it for a couple of years.

And today, a big company offered to have us go partners in it with us with them providing the financial backing we needed to kick start it off.

After dad got the lawyers all involved, we excitedly  began our trip home after being here for a week nearly. It took us all day to get there.

Mum was going to be very surprised with what we were going to tell her.

Only, it was us that got surprised when we got home and walked in to find that Dads bags had been packed and were waiting for him when we walked in the door. Which was nice of mum to do for dad I thought.

Until I understood what she did.

She was kicking dad out. She had already moved her boyfirend in and taken over the house and everything in it. Including us kids. Or so she thought where I was concerned. She was not going to get me.

The house was daddy's and had been in his family for years.

Daddy was very visibly upset. He was what gran used to call a gentle soul who had unfortunately fell in love with a soul sucking blood sucking leech who made dad work his arse off while she screwed around and spent his hard earned money.

I knew what that meant. I did hear my older sisters talk about boys a lot when they think I don't notice.

But what Mum did was wrong. Plain wrong. I might be young. But I was not stupid.

I raced up the stairs and grabbed another of my  own bags, a large backpack and shoved in all my favourite things.

" Hey kid. What cha doing?" My oldest brother said as he stood inthe doorway after opening it when he shouldn't have. Which ticked me off since I thought it was obvious what I was doing.

" I'm leaving with Dad." I muttered in my usual and quiet voice.

" I don't think mum will let you." He said with a laugh.

" Piss off Rory." I sneered at him.

" Nah kid." He said to me which had me looking at him.

" Did you know that mum was cheating?" Iasked him as I gave him a look.

" We all did. The only ones who didn't were you and dad because you were too busy with that stupid science fair." He said to me with a smirk.

" And you didn't tell us. What is wrong with you all? Daddy didn't deserve that. Our family is ruined now because mum couldn't keep her legs together." I sneered right back at him.

" Get real, Jute. It is not like that." Rory said to me sounding frustrated.

I watch enough television to know how to do some weird facial expressions when I want to.

" I am going to tell mum you swore.. and am leaving." He said with a smirk. Not that I cared.

" Get suffed." I snapped at him before turning away. Slamming the door after him and locking it. It would only get us a bit of time. Not much. Just a bit.

I pushed open my windows after he left and pulled my bags across to them. I had to drag them up the wall beneath the windows and push them out since they were full to busting with how much I had stuffed into them. Once I had both of them out, I was climbing out after them.

Then I pushed them off the edge of the awning below my window that covered the back patio. Grabbing hold of the branch that reached out over the patio's roof, I wiggled my way across the branch until I reached another branch and swung myself down. 

Then I grabbed both of my bags again and dragged them around the house to the drive where my dads car still was with him lifting up his own cases and putting them in the trunk.

I opened the rear door and dragged my own into the back onto the seat.

" What are you doing, Jute?" Dad asked me softly when he saw me.

I looked up at him to see the tears still running down his face. I lifted my hand and wiped them away.

" Stop crying dad. We have something to do and places to go. But we need to call the lawyer and change the address for that paperwork to come to us." I said to him with a smile.

 I was hoping it would spark him up a bit. Not that anything would at the moment. I heard enough of what Mum did to understand that she cheated on dad and it hurt dad a lot.

Fifteen minutes later, we were driving down the freeway heading to his mothers place for the night. At least we could think about what we were going to do after we get there.

It didn't take long befoe we were pulling up at my grans place. I might not always agree with her. But she does love us despite being a cranky old gal, as dad calls her sometimes.

I don't know what dad said to gran. But we were ushered in and getting settled when there was a heavy banging on the front door which startled us all with it being so loud.

" Open up. It's the police." We all heard this very loud voice yelling out as he banged on the door again.

I reckon, this was the start.

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