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" You're late? " Mina ask as Jennie settled beside her.

" Obviously " she rolled her eyes " Where is Jisoo anyway? "

" She went out with Rosé and never came back "

Jennie shrugs it and starts to listen to their professor.

She's on the peak of her focus but got disturb when her eyes accidentally landed on Lisa who is having an interaction with Nayeon.

" That girl really " she whispered enough for Mina to hear.

"Chill Jen,  they are just talking you know? " Mina got nervous because she encountered a jealous Jennie which is totally unbearable.

" Whatever " she replied and focus again on their lesson.

They got dimiss from their class to have a lunch break so Jennie stood up and walk her way to the two.

" Later after class Lisa, thank you " she overheard Nayeon biding her goodbye.

" What's with after class? " Jennie ask Lisa.

" Basketball practice " Lisa replied shortly.

" And Nayeon? "

" Her cousin will be joining the team,  she ask me if I can look after her "

" Nayeons cousin?  And you agreed? "

" Obviously " she said which made Jennie's blood boil.

" Why? "

" Uh. Because she'll be my teammate soon? "

" Whatever. Let's go "

They walk their way to the cafeteria, Lisa is just following Jennie at the back when someone bump into her.

With her good reflexes, Lisa catch the girl on its waist gaining lots of attention from the other students but mostly Jennie.

The other girl is still closing her eyes preparing for the fall while Lisa is hokding her still with her right hand.

" You're fine " as Lisa said thise words,  the girk immediately open  her eyes meeting the others beautiful brown eyes.

She was surprised and wasn't able to react.

They were staring at eaxh others eyes when someone made a fake cough.

" I'm sorry,  I was in a hurry " the girl bows to Lisa feeling embarrassed.

Lisa wasn't able to reply because someone drag her out of the place, next thing she knows she's with Jennie locked in a comfort room.

" Who is that girl?! " she bursted out.

" I d- "

" You fucking tell me Lisa,  we had a great start this morning " Jennie said out of frustration.

" But Jen- "

" Just tell! Why are you not telling me?! " she's eyeing Lisa.

" Becau- "

" I'm waiting Lisa!  You can just go and tell who she is and why are you holding her waist?  To think that you're just right at my back!  Why- " she didn't finish what she was about to say when Lisa pushes her and slam her back slightly on the wall.

Lisa came closer and put her right hand beside Jennie's head traping the older.

" Would you let me explain? " she said calmly,  Jennie just nod in surprise.

" I don't know who she is,  she bump into me while your back is facing me end "

" But you were staring at each others and it's making me uncomfortable! " she reasond out.

Lisa took a deep breath and look directly into Jennie's eyes.

" You think I'm comfortable with it? "

" I don't know?  Maybe!  " she push younger which caused her to back off.

" Wait. Are you jealous? "

" Of course not!  Why would I? It's just a lame girl and I think she's not good at anything. "

" Well why are you behaving like one? "

" Well why are you the one asking here Manoban? "

" Because I can "

" No you can't,  I'm the boss and you're just- " she said mid way.

" You're right.  My fault,  let's just go or should I wait for you outside? " you can hear the sarcasm in Lisa's voice.

" Sorry Lisa,  I was carried away with my emotions,  I didn't mean too- "

" You don't have to explain. I'll be waiting outside "

Jennie look at Lisa and can't find any emotion in her eyes unlike earlier.

They had their lunch together but in an awkward manner until their class in the afternoon.

While Jennie is worrying about hurt she made Lisa feel,  the agent was thinking how annoying Jennie to be bossing her around.

Afternoon came and Lisa went to the gym for their practice.

This time Jennie is the one who is silently following Lisa at the back.

They are walking quietly when someone bump into Lisa again second time today. Unlike earlier Jennie didn't show any reaction.

" I'm  sorry,  Im- "

" In a hurry again? " Lisa finished the other girls sentence.

" You again? " she said in surprise which made Jennie look at the other girl with her death glare only to get unnoticed.

" Fortunately " Lisa said and the other girl giggled.

" I'm Lee Yu-Bi " she extended her hand which Lisa comply.

" Lisa,  Lisa Manoban "

" Yubi! " a loud voice can be heared from the far corner.

The three look out to who the voice were coming from onky to see.

" Nayeon? " Jennie said mostly asking.

" Hi there,  I'm sorry not to notice you. " Yubi said apologizing.

" She's Kim Jennie, daughter of the owner of this school, my boss " Lisa introduced.

" I'm sorry Miss Kim, I am new here and I only know my cousin " like on cue Nayeon arrived.

" Looks like you met my cousin already Lis " she said smiling but turned pale after seeing and annoyed Jennie.

" Jen I- "

" It's fine " Jennie said getting away from the topic.

Nayeon just nod at her but remained silent.

" So you play basketball too?  Joining the team? " Lisa ask to ease the tention.

" Yes,  are you on the team? "

" Yes just this year " tgey continued walking to the gym leaving a nervous Nayeon and a grumpy Jennie.

" Looks like we'll be spending time more " Lisa said enough for Jennie to hear.

" Why did Dad even allowed her to be part of the team?  She's an agent! " Jennie said to herself.

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