38. The Journey Begins

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Athena lay tossing and turning on the bed until Ryder had enough of her troubled sleep and asked her to take a walk to the Library, to which she complied. The thought that her family would break apart again at the first light of dawn troubled her more than she wanted to admit. She had kept ready everything she needed to take with her on her journey to Lesidor, and all that was left was to sleep.

It seems that that is the one thing I can't have.

As she neared the library, she found Adam outside, walking up and down the corridor. She let out a low whistle to catch his attention and waved at him when he looked at her. Quickly closing the distance between them, she smiled, happy to see a familiar face.

"Couldn't sleep?" Athena asked, to which Adam shook his head.

"The thought of me not being able to get back at you for pouring cold water on me bothers me too much for me to go to sleep." He replied, chuckling. Athena found herself smiling as she led him into the library. "But on a serious note, you are right, Athena. We've barely been together long enough to be ripped apart again. Heavens, I wish we were children again, I mean, younger than now. What I wouldn't do to wake up and have all of us eat and spend time together." Sighing, he walked with her through the shelves surrounding them into the center of Library.

"Actually, on second thoughts, scratch that. I am deliriously happy that don't have to wake up at ungodly hours to do all those crazy things that Father used to call 'training.'" Athena laughed on hearing this.

"Let him not hear you say that else he will probably make you climb this mountain ten times before you leave at dawn."

The grimace on his face spoke volumes as they moved aside the books on the huge tree-stump table and lay down on it, facing the night sky. The moon shone softly above them, casting a beautiful glow in the Library, and the stars seemed to be dancing through the glass that covered the roof, protecting it from the elements.

"I can't remember the last time we did this." Another voice floated from below them. Both of them jumped up and Athena had her hand on her blade before she recognized her other two brothers looking at them.

Relaxed, she smiled and patted on the table, and both of them moved some more books to make space for themselves to lie down. The siblings intertwined their fingers with the whomever was next to them as they lay in a shapeless circle, looking at the night sky.

"Promise me," James whispered. "Promise me that no matter what, we will never grow apart and this bond will never break."

"I promise." came back three, choked whispers, as fingers tightened around each other.

"We have been left to fight our ancestors' battles, so let us do just that. And once this battle is won, we should all come back and build a home together, and also call Father and Mother to live with us, if they want to." Michael said, determination lacing his voice. "Maybe even find someone we love and have the sound of little feet running across the house everyday.

"Are we going to get puppies?" Athena asked smirking, unable to keep quiet. The resounding groans had her and Adam snickering, but it also helped lighten the terrible mood. The comfortable silence that followed as the siblings lay on the table soon lulled them into a blissful slumber as they awaited the beginning of a new journey.


Ryder hurried to the Library, certain that that was were Athena was, but what he didn't expect were the complaints that reached his ears as the sentries did not allow the people into the Library. Reaching there, and pushing past the small group of annoyed wolves, he barged into the room to find four bodies on the table.

Rolling his eyes, he walked right up to Athena and shook her awake, proceeded to do the same for the other three heirs as well.

"You are supposed to be ready to leave by now Athena!" he exclaimed as she just rubbed her eyes and sat there, looking at him groggily, clearly trying to make sense of what he was saying.

"We are all ready to leave Ryder. Look," she murmured while pointing to what they were wearing. And sure enough, they all seemed ready to leave albeit their clothes now looked a little wrinkled. "We just need to drink some water, wash our faces and eat something before we leave."

Ryder huffed as he ushered the four of them outside the Library saying that the people needed to use it. The moment Athena stepped out into the corridor, all eyes widened they bowed down. Ryder and the brothers watched as Athena awkwardly told everyone to rise and go into the Library. The brothers looked like they were about to poke fun at her but one look from her let them know that that would be unwise, and encouraged them to find the nearest room to wash their faces.

Soon, everyone was ready to leave, including the ambassadors, who watched disapprovingly as the four heirs chomped down their breakfast while they walked towards the Entrance. Ryder mentally made note of all the things he had done, including telling The Seven that they were leaving and to take good care of the kingdom while himself and Athena were gone.

All of them stood at the entrance with horses, while the siblings gathered around one last time to wish each other a safe journey. Then, Athena, Michael and James watched Adam climb onto his horse and trot away with the Undead Ambassador towards the eastern parts of the forest and to Ulesir that lay beyond the wastelands and beyond the city of Sunmond, near the sea.

The rest of them began their journey, their bags filled with food and their waterskins full, enough to keep them from starving until they reached another village. But as they reached Lake Lumo, they bid farewell to James who had followed with his Ambassador on foot since they didn't require horses to reach the land of Fairy.

"The gate to Fairy, or rather know as the Ergate," the Fairy Ambassador began, "is the little island in the middle of the lake, as you are very well aware, Your Highness." He then bowed and walked into the lake, James trailing behind him obediently, and a shining light opened up in the middle, like a tear through the world, swallowing both of them whole. Athena heard Michael gasp softly and even she couldn't help but feel awed and scared at the sight.

"I guess it's just us now, Sister. Onward to Lesidor." Michael said quietly as he urged his horse to follow Ryder and Beluar, who had already covered a considerable distance. Athena sighed and nodded, well aware of how hollow she felt as each strand of familiarity disappeared into nothingness one after another.



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