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"Babygirl we were supposed to do this yesterday but we got busy so we're gonna make the rules right now."  "Okay Daddy!" 

"So first rule.  No cussing."  "Well shit."  "Corner now." He said aggressively. "But..but..."   "Corner, I'm not gonna ask you again."  "Yes Daddy."  "Five minutes is starting now. " "Yes Daddy."  I hate punishing her.  So I don't use harsh punishments, however, when she does something extremely bad that's when I use harsh punishments. "Okay baby,  your five minutes is up. "  She walked back to me.   "Do you have anything to say to Daddy?"  "I sowwy daddy."   "Do you know why I put you in time out?" "Cebause I cussed."  "Right.   Now Daddy doesn't like punishing you. But you need to behave."   "Yes Daddy."  "Good girl,  now back to the rules."  "Otay." "So first rule, no cussing in little space or at Daddy." "Yes Daddy. "  "Second rule, bedtime is 10:30 on weekdays and 12:00 on weekends."   "Otay."  "Always drink in a sippy cup or bottle, don't go anywhere without Daddy......"   Daddy just write them down and if I don't like it then I'll tell you okay?"   "Good idea babygirl."


1. No cussing in little space or at Daddy.
2. Bedtime is 10:30 on weekdays and 12:00 on weekends.
3. Always drink I'd a sippy cup or bottle.
4. Don't go anywhere without Daddy
5. Eat at least two meals a day
6. Drink at least three cups of water a day
7. Do not lie to Daddy
8. Always tell Daddy when something is wrong
9. Always tell Daddy when you broke a rule.
10. When you feel uncomfortable or unsafe always ssy your safeword.   (Red panda.)
11.  DO NOT play with the guns in Daddy's closet
12. Take a nap at least once a day.
13. Keep good hygiene
14. No snacks after 8pm
15. Don't play with yourself without permission
16. Don't cum without permission
18. Always refer to me as Daddy unless we are out in public
19.  be agood girl while Daddy is at work
20. Never talk bad about yourself
21.  No self harming.

" I love those rules Daddy."    "Well good baby girl."

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