"Is 'Welcome to the Monkey House' story true?"

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"No, I’m pretty certain it’s not, although it’s still a good horror story, nonetheless. (Yes, I know that answers the question, but let me explain why.)

For those unfamiliar with the story, it revolves around a hacker who’s asked to penetrate what he refers to as a “black box” given to him by a friend (which sounds like encrypted files, essentially), and after getting through whatever protections it has, he stumbles upon a site where live murders are displayed (hence the red room idea).

The reason that I don’t think it’s true is that, as I’ve said before, red rooms would be near-impossible to run on Tor, due to the constant packet switching (and by extension, slow speed).

While the story didn’t say that the user was on Tor, I thought that was implied, because the narrator mentioned it in the beginning of the story. Based on my experience with several different darknets - Tor, I2P, Freenet, and ZeroNet - it seems as though most of them are too slow for live streaming video. ZeroNet might be able to because it uses a different protocol, but that’s beside the point.

Even if one of these were able to stream video, it still seems rather absurd that there would be a site designed to show live murders for pay! That being said, some of the story details do seem accurate, such as the “ghost hacking” part, which can be achieved via proxychains and other methods.

And there are also some dark web sites where an administrator could potentially see your IP address (even if it were a spoofed one), so that doesn’t seem so outlandish.

That being said, it also sounded like the narrator mixed up “Java” and “Javascript,” which I don’t think a real hacker would ever do (this is a common error for people unfamiliar with these programming languages)!

For these reasons, I think the rest is made up. There are some sites I’ve come across on Tor and Freenet that show gruesome videos, but they aren’t live, and that’s what makes the major difference."

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