Chapter 2: Avoidance

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Previously, on 1 Month to Confession:

JOHN: Sera, I'm sorry.

SERA: You said that we'll be cripples together! It's all nothing but crap!! I thought that you were a cripple, & I admire you for being strong everyday despite the odds against you. It was all nothing but a SINGLE LIE!!! And you made me look like a fool!!!

JOHN: (trying to run to her) Sera, wait! Please, let me explai--- (clutching his chest) Ugh! (falling on his knees)

JOHN: (changes the topic) Anyway, Auntie, how's my condition?

ATHENA: (sad) John, your condition has gotten even worse than before. I know you know that you have a lung cancer. The cancer cells are spreading really fast. (voice broke) I'm... sorry, John. There's nothing I can do, even w/ my ability. It's beyond what I & the doctors can do. You already have Stage 4 cancer. You only have a month left to live.

ATHENA: (looks at me w/ a serious expression) She... She's alive.

[10/19/201x, 10:00 am; Wellston Private High School...]

[Playing Naruto Shippuden OST: Sadness & Sorrow...]

<Seraphina's POV>

I'm just sitting here in class & looking out at the window, not even caring about anything & not paying attention to the lesson. Since I have become a cripple, I lost my status as the Ace of Wellston. Because of it, I am not allowed on the rooftop anymore---a student whose name I don't even know threatened us (John & I) that he'll attack us if we still remain in there. So now I am back here in class. However, all the lessons here are easy so I don't even bother paying attention to the lesson. That is until the teacher called my attention.

???: (calling my attention) Ms. Seraphina, what is the correct equation for Correlation?

Looking at the board, I can see that the answer is in multiple choice. The choices are:

a.) r = [n(Σxy) - (Σx)(Σy)]/√{[n(Σx²) - (Σx)²][n(Σy²) - (Σy)²]}

b.) a = [(Σy)(Σx²) - (Σx)(Σxy)]/[n(Σx²) - (Σx)²)]

c.) b = [n(Σxy) - (Σx)(Σy)]/[n(Σx²) - (Σx)²)]

Knowing what's right, I stand up & told him the correct answer. "The answer is letter a. The letter b is the equation for the a in y = ax + b of the Regression. While the letter c is for the b of the Regression equation."

[A/N: Please correct me if I'm wrong. I got those equations from our lessons in Math in Modern World "Correlation & Regression" in the 1st semester of our 1st year.]

???: Correct.

Sitting down, I look around the classroom, trying to see if John is in here. Only to my disappointment & a little relief that he's not here. (reminiscing the event) I can still remember as to how he saved me yesterday. He used his ability. He HAS an ability, & he didn't even tell me. Why would he lie to all of us that he is a cripple when he's clearly far from it? And he even has the nerve to tell me that we'll be cripples together. But...

Anyway, why isn't he here? He's not the type to skip class, especially w/ his grades. Wait. (realization hits me) GRADES?! That's it! It's no wonder how he's able to get here in Wellston. The staff has his records. And thinking back then, he gave me a hint that he has an ability the entire time. He was able to sense that invisible assailant & gave away his location while I can't [A/N: Refer to the Kovoro Mall Arc].

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