More Writing Tips

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-For me, writing is everything. Not only does it exercise my imagination, but it helps me decipher the world and enhances my perspective on others. Writing helps me say the things I never really have time to say to the people who would actually listen. Writing is selfish. And that's how it should be.

Sone people claim yo just need yo "put ideas on a page." Some people claim to have this big "I want people to learn from my characters" hero's complex and say it's the reason they write, and there's two reasons for why they say this: they don't know the real reason why they write, or they're just bad writers.

Writing — well, good writing, at least — has to MEAN something. Something more than a storage unit for ideas. Something more than a moral crusade that inevitably drains you in the end, making you lose a little interest in your work. Writing is self expression. Writing can heal you, and if you spread yourself too thin by writing for others, both you and the quality of your work face. Becoming nothing. Write because you have something to say, not because someone wants you to say it.

-Be careful with who you take advice from. They may have good intentions, but most people don't know what they're talking about when it comes to writing. People like excitable fans don't usually know your vision or they can't separate themselves from the thrill of hoping so and so will get together with and so and. It's not personal, it's making sure you don't get steered in the wrong direction. That doesn't mean you shouldn't consider advice from fans or friends, but you should evaluate the validity and value of the advice before you take it or leave it.

-A story is more than a romance, even if it's a romance novel. You have to have a core theme beyond two people falling in love. It can be anything from don't listen to your fears to be brave enough to take the next leap in life, but you have to make your characters feel like they have LIVES outside the pages.

-You can't make your characters super unrelatable or no one will connect with them. You can't make them so powerful they're like gods or the reader won't be able to relate to their humanity. You can't give them crazy features to the point where they're not human or a single identifiable creature. SOME PART of your characters have to be human to keep people invested. Series with inhuman characters like aliens or cats are successful because they have human moral characteristics like fear of death or pride that people can relate to.

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