The rest of the day consisted of me finding my classes and meeting all of my teachers and being introduced as the "new girl."

The day was going completely fine until math class. Well at least after when Stiles and Scott received a message about a triple homicide.

"We have Econ next." Scott said and Stiles' face looked completely baffled.

"So you want to sit here and do nothing!?"

"I mean why don't we just let our parents handle this?" Kira responded.

I just stood there looking back and forth from everyone.

"Well Lacey agrees with me!?" Stiles pouted and crossed his arms. I put my hands up in surrender.

"Woah there I'm not taking sides. I'll see you in Econ." I said and stalked off.

I pulled my phone out of my bag and took a seat in my Econ class.

Scott came in and sat beside me his face suddenly paled and his eyes became wide.

"Scott what's wrong?" I asked glancing at him but not for long because I was playing a game on my phone.

"Oh uh nothing I just um...kissed Kira." He said.

"Good job man!" I said and grinned at him. He nodded and gulped loudly.

"Oh shit, you grandma kissed her didn't you!?" I said and locked my phone setting it down.

"Yeah." He breathed and I patted his shoulder.

"Just talk to her about it later, I'm sure she'll understand." He nodded his head and class began with coach yelling which I assumed happened often.


After school I made my way to the lacrosse field with Kira and Malia.

I personally loved sports. Ever since I was little I was really athletic. My dad always had me in different sports and taking boxing classes. He said he wanted me to be strong and to be able to fight.

He always said it's better to be able to put up a fight than pray for someone to come and save you.

But then he left. He was gone and left me by myself, with no one to save me.

Tryouts began slowly but I noticed a freshman player who was doing really well. Even better than Scott was.

"What's that kids name?" I asked Malia and pointed at him.

A boy turned around and responded,

"That's Liam he's my best friend!" The boy said.

I smiled at him.

My head began to have a very light headed feeling.

"Uh..excuse me." I whispered to Malia and walked off to the side of the bleachers.

My vision started to blur and I began seeing forms of people.

I closed my eyes and then opened them again and I was in a house. I began walking around. I was in a hallway upstairs.

I traced my fingers along the wooden wall, my heels making a soft clicking noise on the floor.

I knocked on the wall slightly and began moving down the hall.

I hit a spot that seemed hollow and I made my way to the etching in the wall and started pulling on it. I found a small latch and pulled open the wall. I made my way into the small pathway that was filled with cold smoke.

I walked into what looked like a game room filled with bags. I grabbed my arms and shivered.

"Lacey.." A voice whispered. It was coming from one of the bags.

I stalked slowly over to the first one and unzipped it revealing a human body hanging inside.

I gasped loudly and my vision suddenly returned to the School. I was outside in the parking lot, and a car was honking at me.

Whatever had happened to me just then was weird but it gave me the feeling that I needed to get to the hospital and I needed to get there now.

As I was driving I called Lydia.

"Lydia I had this thing happen and I'll explain later but you need to get to the hospital." I said frantically.

"I'm on my way there right now. I just showed up at Sean Walcott's house and I found this game room filled with humans." She responded.

"Lydia I just had this weird vision thing and I found it too." I said astonished.

"Just get to the hospital and be safe. Stay away from Sean." She responded and I hung up and pulled into the hospital.

Whatever was about to happen it wasn't going to be good.

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