36. Kiss Or Kill?

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"Alicia!" He said again but this time, it was more like a whisper, straight in my ears as he his mouth was now dangerously close to my face.

My cheeks were now burning because of all the emotions I was feeling inside me. My frustration heightened when Adam's breath caressed my earlobe, my stomach tightened in a knot that was begging to be released. I haven't felt something like that before, the urge to kiss and kill the same person.

"Why do you care so much?" he whispered again and the next second, I felt his soft lips behind my ears, causing an involuntary moan to escape from my lips. Shivers shot down my spine and my heart started to beat faster than it did usually.

He was asking the same thing that I had asked and I was itching to give him the same answer, that I was stupid. I was stupid for wanting him. I was stupid for liking him. I was stupid for wanting to tear his clothes apart.

But I couldn't say anything.

His lips moved downwards, leaving a trail of burning wherever they passed. Stopping at a point, he flicked his tongue to lick the sensitive skin and butterflies erupted in my stomach at the sudden onslaught of feelings. I shut my eyes tightly, letting his tongue do the wonders on my skin.

But he pulled away, leaving me bothered once again. "Tell me Alicia! Why do you care?" he asked once again.

Opening my eyes, I gazed at him with both fury and longing. He was enjoying this, he was enjoying my pathetic condition. He was enjoying the fact that he had turned me into a mess.

"Tell me-" he couldn't finish the sentence because my lips captured his the very next moment, cutting his sentence in between.

Our lips collided with utmost passion, making my heart go wild and my mind numb. It felt like we two were the only people in the world at that moment. He didn't even hesitate for a minute before reciprocating the kiss with the same urgency.

He sucked my lower lip between his teeth, the bundle of nerves in my stomach coiled more. His hand moved to my hair and he bent my head backwards, giving him better access of my mouth. My own hands had now moved to wrap around his neck.

When the position became too uncomfortable for us, Adam lifted me up from the bed and lay me down on his lap in such a way that I ended up straddling him. My tongue glided over the seam of his lips, trying to gain entrance inside his mouth.

And when it did, my whole body started tingling. It was too much for both of us, everything felt blurred under the effect of the pleasure I was feeling. Our tongues fought for dominance, but neither of us gave in easily.

When it became too hard to breathe, we both parted away but before the wave of embarrassment could hit any of us, Adam's lips attacked my neck, causing many moans to leave my mouth. His lips did wonder, biting, sucking, licking, making me a breathing mess.

It felt so wonderful that I wanted to capture this feeling in a jar, if that was even possible. So wonderful that If I had to chose between Nutella for life and kissing him for five minutes, I would chose the latter option.

His lips had now descended to the junction of my neck and shoulder, he pushed the thick strap away and kissed my bare shoulder, hard enough to leave hickeys but soft enough to make me sigh.

While he was busy kissing the hollow of my neck, I traced my fingers along his rippled arms, feeling every muscle that I had adored from a distance.

Parting my face from him, I pulled his shirt above his head, the whole time not breaking my eye contact with him. His pupil had now dilated to the maximum possible limit, showing that he was just as turned on as me.

When his shirt was out of our way, our lips once again met, but this time softly. We savored each other this time while my hands were busy roaming around his back. His skin felt so good under my touch, soft yet hard, wonderfully warm. He groaned in my mouth when I grazed my hands to his front, down his pecs to his abs.

"Al.. Ali.." he moaned, his voice just as strained as mine.

"Ssshhh." I shushed him with my mouth, while his own hands drew circles on the skin of my thigh.

We kissed for what felt like a whole decade, until we both were out of our breaths, until all we could see was each other, until all we could hear was the sounds of our moan, until all we could speak was each other's names.


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