5: "You 'Put it back'?"

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Tony PoV

Natasha, Clint, and Bruce are here. Thor is on Asguard.

"Okay, Tony. We're all here. Why did you want us?" Natasha asks.

"So, I have a twin sister." I begin.

"What? Dude! You have a twin?" Clint says excitedly.

"Yeah. She recently went missing." I add.

"Sorry. We''ll find her." Clint  amends.

"Yeah. But in the meantime, I'm taking care of her son."

"You're an Uncle? You're taking care of a kid?" Clint asks.

"Yeah. He's almost seventeen."

"Poor kid."

"And I need some help. I'm worried about him." I admit quietly.

"Can't handle the kid?" Clint's almost teasing.

"I- I- dammit. Here, look at this." I toss them the SHIELD file. I plop down on he couch, and bury my face in my hands, for the i've-lost-count-nth time.

"This kid..." Clint trails off.

"Your nephew is a terrorist?" Bruce questions uneasily.

"We don't know." I mumble.

"We?" Natasha asks.

"We could use some help, like Tony said." Steve spoke up.  

"You're in on this on too?" Clint asked.

"I called him yesterday, when the kid first got here." I say.

"So, this morning, when I first got here, Tony and I were talking in the kitchen. He walked in. At 4 am. He said he couldn't sleep. Not surprising, his mom just disappeared. He asked us why we were up.  I told him Tony doesn't sleep much. I said I get up early." Steve began retelling.

"That's when it got wierd. He looked at a clock, frowned, and said, 'Still a little early for you, though.' When we asked him how he knew it was early for Steve, he said 'Don't you get up at oh-six-hundred?' like movies. He used movies as an example. something like 'the army guys get woken up by the yelling guy at oh-six-hundred.' And he went back to looking for food."

"Okay, so he knew Steve was in the army? He did research on where he was supposed to go." Natasha said.

"We asked him how he knew Steve was in the army. He looked so confused. Then he suddenly says 'Oh! Posture!' He had sized up Steve without realizing it, correctly, and then apppologized." I said.

"I don't know how I feel about that." Clint says.

"Yeah, we don't either. He said- Wait, can JARVIS do the- the uh, audio thing?" Steve turned to me.

"JARVIS, show the recordings from the kitchen this morning with Percy. Visual and Audio, please." I request.

"Right away, Sir."

And the other three watched and listened to the conversation. They looked a little unsettled when Percy had anaylized Steve, and when he was asked about the scar, Natasha seemed to clench a fist for a second.

They sat up straighter when Percy started getting angry at the whole 'supersvision' bit. Clint laughed when Percy was freaking at the door closing. He laughed again when Percy banged his head against the wall. "Me too, tho." He commented.

They jumped a bit when Percy raged at me. They were surprised when he said that he'd take his mother's place. Bruce looked frustrated when Percy said it 'was just a broken rib' and he hadn't needed a hospital.

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