Chapter Four: Rising From The Ashes

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The sound of what I gathered was an alarm slowly began to wake me up, stirring me from my slumber. However, it sounded very distant and I couldn't pick up the direction of the source. Each *BEEP* was steady and consistent but also sounded detached and seemed slower than normal for some reason. This didn't sound like my usual wake-up. I tried to open my eyes, just so I could see the source of the noise, but my lids were limp and heavy. It took a big effort to prise them open. The world before me was completely blurred and disorientated. Confused, I flailed my arms around, trying to turn off this infernal alarm but my arm got tangled in some sort of wire or tube. I began to feel sharp stabbing pains in my arm then I felt someone grasp my arm tightly. The *BEEP*s pace began to quicken, bringing tension to the atmosphere.

"Help, what? Get out!" I cried weakly, trying to fight off the intruder but they leaned in closer and said in a soft whisper: "Hello Miley! I'm your nurse. Your in the hospital right now, you had a nasty car crash but you'll recover!" she said soothingly. "Now get some rest."

I could hear her rattling around with something and another sharp pain punctured my arm. But at least I was no longer entangled.

As the footsteps of the nurse grew gradually fainter, the resounding *BEEP*s became slow and steady again and I relaxed into my bed. The mattress was spongy and the sheets were so crisp and soft, it allowed me to properly sink into the bed. Everything began to make sense. That beeping: It was monitoring my heartbeat. The sharp pains in my arm were from the needle of a drip. The wires were tubes attached to the drip. I'm in the hospital.

For minutes - or hours, even - I lay there stationary in the hospital bed. As time wore on, my vision became clearer and I could see around me. Relieved, I tried to get up but I couldn't, the pain was too much.

Whimpering slightly, I returned to my previous position. The boredom almost killed me.

* * *

I must have fallen asleep again because my eyes snapped open with a start when I heard the curtains being drawn yet again and footsteps approaching my bed at a slick pace. At first, I had no clue who this person was but as they drew closer, I knew. I could smell his scent just inches from me. It was him.

"Hey!" Nick whispered, peering closely into my eyes. "How are you doing?" His voice was soft and gentle, soothing the pain away like he was the morphine.

"I dunno. . ." I answered, finding my voice to be heavy and groggy.

I tried to sit up but Nick put his hands firmly on my shoulders and said "No, you stay there." I looked at him, trying to see the details of his face. I wasn't sure, but I think I saw dark rings around his eyes and a cloud of stress and worry fogging up his vision; Nick was extremelly worn out. And it pained me to have to see him like this.

"Why are you here?" I asked, blinking, trying to see his eyes more clearly, trying to read him.

"Oh Miley, your accident was all over the news!" he mumbled. "As soon as I heard, I drove here as soon as possible. I guess I feel kinda responsible. I tried to get in yesterday and this morning but they wouldn't let me. So I waited."

I smiled at this, recalling his very words: "And now it's your turn! Promise me you'll wait for me, okay? Once the tour is over, I'll come back for you. . . just be there."

"Nick. . ." I began but he put a finger to my lips and shook his head.

"You really should get some rest, Miley! You heal quicker when you sleep, right? Just. . . get better!" He finished, giving my hand a squeeze then leaving the area.

"I'll come and visit later." he called, shutting the curtains behind him.

* * *


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