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You walked into the palace where everyone was going to be for the next week. You just arrived as it was turning to night and placed everything in your room. You walked out and saw Rias in the hall.

Hey Rias.

Rias "There you are, where were you?"

Well, let's just say i was preparing myself for something. After all, might as well embrace my balance breaker now.

Rias "Embrace it? You despise your sacred gear?"

It's not that, it's more like it was my fathers, but to him it was a curse.

Rias "Well, i hope your prepared for it. Whatever it may be."


You went into the back and checked the perimeter to make sure nothing was in the area and when you were finished dinner was ready. When you went inside it was a mix of onions and potatoes. You ate a small bowl of it with a side of bread and were brought out of your food frenzy when koneko spoke up. 

Koneko "You better not try and peal me."

Peal you?

She looked at Issei.

Oh, that makes sense.

Issei "Hey!"

Anyways, learn anything useful today Issei?

Issei "Yeah, that I'm the weakest person on this team."

Well, knowing is half the battle. 

Issei "Gee, thanks for the support."

But, all you can do is improve. You know your weakness, now strengthen it because your enemy's will use it to their advantage, make it so that's it's not a weakness but a strength. 

Rias "Wow, your quiet smart."

I've been around for a long time, i just picked it up from my experiences. 

Rias stood up from her chair.

Rias "Well that was delicious but i think it's time we head to the baths."

Issei shot up at that.

Issei "Your all going together?"

Rias "That would be the plan, why? You want to come along, i don't mind."

You choked on the food that was in your mouth at that.

Wait, what!!!!!

Rias "Why, you want to come to?"


Rias "Do you mind Akeno?"

AKeno "No i don't mind, we might even be able to bath them both."

You felt your cheeks heat up.

Rias "What about you Asia? I wouldn't want any of us to feel uncomfortable."

Asia "N-No i don't mind."

Rias "Koneko?"

Keoneko "I'd rather die."

Issei fell to the ground and you just breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank god, my heart wouldn't be able to take that.

They left for the baths and you went to your room to prepare.

* Meanwhile in the underworld. * Grafia POV

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