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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

" aye Kamrynn pull my finger" KD said putting his finger out so she can pull it

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" aye Kamrynn pull my finger" KD said putting his finger out so she can pull it

"no get yo' goofy ass out my face" Kamrynn said rolling her eyes. I shook my head getting up as I blew smoke out my mouth

"Kamrynn what I told you bout yo' mouth?" she just looked at me. I looked at her waiting for a answer

"I know, you said quit cussing"

"well yo' ass need to listen, you 14, you a child. Stop thinking you can say anything out the mouth 'round me. I'm not yo' momma" she just sat there ignoring me

I finished smoking my blunt before going upstairs. I changed my clothes, and put on a Nike shirt and some sweatpants. I went back downstairs

"Kam you got school tomorrow, and it's 11:33. What you waiting on?" she was just chilling on the couch scrolling on her phone like it was summer. I put a end to that shit real quick

"you really making me go to school?" she asked

"Yep, so go do what you need to do and go to bed" she looked at me for three seconds with a blank unread face. She got up and went upstairs

I was young when Kamrynn was born, I met her momma at a party. It was a fuck and duck thing, but I trapped myself. Dont get me wrong I love Kamrynn, and I'll kill for her. That's my baby, but I was just young and dumb

I'm not in a relationship with her momma. We never was, but she in a relationship with a nigga. I'm just chilling, making money and taking care of my kids

I got two kids by two different baby mommas. Kamryn and Kayden. Both of my baby mommas crazy, and they act like they not wrapped tight

It's got late, so I went up to my room and went to bed. I had shit to do in the morning anyway, and I need some rest. I woke up at 7' and woke Kamrynn up, and as usual she got a attitude cause she don't like to be woke out of her sleep

Ion give a fuck, I bet her ass gone be sitting in her classes

"hurry up, I got somewhere I need to be, and I wanna be on time" I'm going to the studio cause I gotta finish these songs for my album

I went and got myself together, and was done within 30 minuets. Kamrynn came walking in my room with her shoes and socks in her hand.

"yo yo yo" she sat on my bed, and I looked at her as I sprayed my cologne on

"wassup, I see that attitude gone" caught me by surprise

"cause I found out it's a teacher work day, so we ain't gone be doing nothing in class. You tryna come pick me up early?"

"yo' momma getting you from school" she Scrunched her face up, and I laughed

"what you mean, im spending the week with you?" Me and her momma co-parenting. I get her for a week and she get her for a week, and we just go back and fourth like that

"she gone pick you up, and bring you back here. I can't get you cause Ima be working, I got a interview"I explained

"how ima get in the house, I ain't got the key?"

" my security guards gone be here, so they gone open the gate for you. Don't be doing nothing out the way while they here cause I won't hesitate to kill" she laughed, but I was for real

I want all the smoke bout Kamrynn, and that's on gang

"I'm not"

"and what's this thing yo' momma keep blowing my fucking phone up about. you got practice today?" I Asked putting my phone down

"yeah, but ion wanna go"

"ain't you signed a contract for that team?" I asked cause I know I wasn't tripping

"yeah, it's a year contract" she stepped down off the bed after tying her shoe

"the year ain't over, so you gotta stay. Yo' momma know youn wanna dance no more?" Kamyrnn been dancing her whole life. That's all she know, and to hear she wanna quit is like her throwing her dream away

"no, but ima tell her. Ion wanna dance no more cause that's to much, I got better stuff to do"

"like?" she ain't got shit to do, but go to school and drive me crazy

"go shopping, go shopping, and go shopping" Okay

"She aint finna let that fly, and you know that" 

"nah I'm playing, but for real though Ian tryna dance no more. Im retiring" I laughed cause she really a reflection of me

"girl get yo' ass out, go get yo' stuff so we can go"

I dropped her off at school and headed to the studio. This was finna be a long day, and I just knew I Was Gone Be tired as fuck when I got home tonight. Ain't no telling what time ima get home cause I got a interview to go to.


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