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Your POV

"Y/N come on! You're so boring!" B/F/N sighed through the phone.

"Not my fault I'm busy," I replied while shrugging my shoulders, even though she couldn't see me.

"But you're always busy! I thought you had no life. All you do is sit at home, eating and watching Netflix. You don't even have a boyfriend to use as an excuse!"

"Tch whatever."

If B/F/N only knew...

Somewhere in the background, I heard B/F/N's boyfriend ask why she was groaning so much.

And of course, B/F/N being B/F/N just bluntly answered, "Well Y/N has no life, yet she can't hang out with me today."

"Haha very funny," I replied sarcastically.

"Well see you later."

"Sure." I hung up the call.

Anyways, B/F/N is wrong. As a matter of fact, I have two lives. My regular one, and then the spy one. Because I'm just so lucky. I can't hang out with B/F/N today since I need to keep watch on a street corner and make sure that a transaction that might happen, doesn't. This mission was given to me by the agency I work for. And no it is not the stereotypical big business looking building agency like in the movies. Where the hell is the mystery in that? The agency I work for usually holds meetings in this basement that is in the more sketchy part of the city. But there is a safe and secret way for the spies to get there via a tunnel system created by the founder.

When I finally finished the paperwork that was stacked high up on my desk (which mind you are hard to go through even if I am a spy. I don't understand why we have all these background checks. Probably all the people being interviewed are good people... okay probably not) I left my office and headed to my house to put on some comfortable clothing and a coat with my weapons strapped inside. I am also going to be carrying a suitcase where I can safely store whatever is going to be traded.

Oh another thing, no I can't climb walls with magical sticky stuff. Sorry to ruin your fantasy. In the agency, we do have technology created by brilliant people to help agents on the field, but we aren't exactly working with the government much less for them, so we don't have the greatest resources. I am specialized in fighting and can be extremely sneaky. I have an okay shot with a gun but that's more for if I really need to. In my opinion, knives are much more silent as long as you quiet the victim before using it. Okay, that sounds bad but I almost never kill people, almost.

I jumped from roof to roof, heading for the street alleyway after parking my motorcycle not too far away. I peaked over the roof I was on and looked down with my night vision goggles.

Wait... there's no one there. Not a single person is walking down the sidewalks either. Did the agency accidentally give me the wrong street? No, it can't be, they never make any mistakes.

I froze after hearing a quiet step near the back end of the roof. There's someone else here. I listened and heard another step. I quickly jumped behind the little wall between me and the person and started shooting my gun. Okay so maybe guns are useful sometimes. Shut up, I'm in the middle of combat.

After firing the shots, I no longer heard anything but the leaves being blown by the wind. Where did they go? I stood up looking over the wall at the spot where I was sure the person would be standing.

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