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Michael was happy, was he back with Lexi ?, had they kissed? ... Michael did not believe it after so long Lexi and Michael were back everything was perfect, everything until it started to, sound an alarm? , how was that possible ...
Well yes an alarm really began to sound. Michael was so eager for an event to come that he dreamed about that, he could not believe it, his kiss with Lexi had only been a dream, Michael got up to deactivate the alarm clock, and then dropped lightly on the bed. After the dream he had, he did not want to get up, just keep dreaming but ... a beautiful girl was waiting for him, so he got out of bed and while it was time for the meeting, he went to eat, then to buy some flowers for Lexi , and then went back to his house to prepare for his big date ... Because after all, dreams come true, right?
Lexi had gone out to eat with Becca. They wanted to spend the afternoon together before dinner.
Then they wanted to go to the movies. They had just released a Marvel movie, which Lexi loved. After leaving the cinema, they went home because there was little time for Lexi to go to dinner with Michael.
Lexi was very nervous as well as impatient for Michael to arrive. He wanted to spend time like they used to, and to tell him how well he had been in Spain. I also wanted to know a bit how he had been during this time.
Michael was arriving, she was ready, and Becca as she arrived, encouraged Lexi and warned her that as soon as she arrived she would tell him all the details about the dinner.
Someone rang the bell. His appointment had arrived.
When Lexi came down, Michael looked at her and smiled with the same fake look on his face as in his dream. I was very pretty. Michael gave her a bunch of flowers that Michael had bought for her, Lexi when she saw the detail that Michael had had with her, she started to blush and what she only said with a "thank you", which for Michael meant a lot at the time, he could not stop thinking about his dream ... Michael opened the door of the car to Lexi like every gentleman, and they went to the restaurant. At last they arrived at the restaurant where they were going to dine. Along the way there had not been much conversation, the atmosphere was a little tense.
While they were having dinner they talked about everything that Lexi had lived in Spain, how it had happened, and also about how it had gone to Michael while she was not there.
Little by little they were letting go and the tension disappeared. Everything was back to normal. How they used to talk before.
Michael told Lexi that he had missed her so much. He did not make up his mind to be alone when she was not by his side. I wanted to make it clear that I would always love her. Lexi admired his words. But he preferred not to say anything. She also missed him, and obviously wanted him, but he did not want to spoil things, he preferred to go calmly. Michael kept thinking about his dream ...
When they were back at Lexi's house, Michael accompanied her to the portal. They were saying goodbye when he stroked her cheek. Suddenly, when Lexi was going to enter the portal, she tripped on the step, but Michael grabbed her. Their faces began to approach. His lips brushed, when a sound startled them. It was Michael's phone ..

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