8 | Chapter Eight

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Rise of the shadows.

The shuffling of bricks echoed in Connors' ears, with the subtle sounds of metal clicking together in place. Before his very eyes, a regal-esque door appeared one that shimmered like a diamond in the sunlight, capturing the short attention span of the mage who stood before him.

When Macey's fingers wrapped around the handle, Connor couldn't help but feel an eeriness about this whole situation. Why did this door appear out of nowhere? And why did he feel an impending doom emanating from it?

"Aw man," chimed Macey as she cracked the door open. "Hope I find a leprechaun, then I can quit my holiday job and live off its gold."

But Connor stopped her from going any further, gripping onto her arm.

"Are you crazy!" Said Connor as he pulled her away from the door. "This door came out of nowhere and, you want to explore it without knowing anything about it? For all we know, this could harbour dangerous creatures."

Macey rolled her eyes, blowing air through her lips. "Hey, I'm the five attribute holder here, with bravery being right at the tippy top." She pushed Connor away, opening the door wide open. "And besides if there are creatures down here, then I'll evade them. Simple."

Connor rolled his eyes. "Hazel misjudged your intelligence attribute." However, as he spoke, he got the idea that Macey stopped listening to reason the moment her adornment mysteriously summoned the door. He furrowed his brows, crossing his arms as he thought about only returning to his dorm. But a voice nibbled at the back of his mind, eating away at his conscious.

What if she gets hurt?

Just before the door closed on her, he grabbed the handle, descending into the darkness after a very stubborn moon mage.

The passageway was long and murky, the air that surrounded them was heavy in the dust, almost making Connor cough his lungs out. It was so dark; he was unable to see his hand when he held it up.

"Maybe a source of light will help us." With a snap of Connor's finger, a hex in the shape of a flame appeared, summoning to his aid a small orb of light that hovered above them.

When Macey came to light, all she was doing was standing there, eating away at a cookie.

"Good idea," said Macey, muffled by the copious amounts of cookie stuffed in her cheeks. Connor glanced down at her, his forehead furrowed at her irrational decision to be eating at a time like this.

Macey's brows drew together, then a muscle in her jaw twitched before she extended her half eaten cookie to Connor.

"Want some? This part is where all the chocolate chunks are."

Connor shook his head. "This isn't the time to be indulging in delights from...wait where did you get that?"

Macey frowned. "This is the perfect time, I might die and I don't wanna die on an empty stomach."

Connor rolled his eyes at how melodramatic she was being, pointing down at her cookie while she continued down the narrow hallway.

"And I dug it out from my pocket, been in there since..." Her eyes drifted along the roof, scrunching her nose before giving Connor a solid answer. "I think lunchtime?"

"You're a walking lunchbox," said Connor, watching her run her hand along the wall while the other one held what was left of her cookie. Suddenly she gasped, with crumbs rolling out from her mouth in a impolite manner.

"Hey look," said Macey, pointing off into the distance.

A light appeared in the distance. It was faint, flicking in the breeze that swept against Connor's body. An eerie feeling crept up his spine, each strand of hair along his neck stood up. He began to regret not fetching his blazer, but then he remembered he was dragged here by force.

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