Authors Note

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Hey guys!! I'm starting a new fanfiction! This time it will be a Jean x Marco. As you can see it is called Miracle! I'm really excited to start it, but I will have to finish my current fanfiction Fire & Ice which will soon be coming to a close in the next sort of 6 ish chapters or so. I also have to keep on top of my other story Fairytail Facebook Chats which I haven't updated in forever. So basically the main plot will be.... Marco is the main character and being bullied at school, suddenly Jean comes to his rescue and Marco has loved him ever since. 10 years later and their married with two children, Eren and Mikasa; the troublesome twins who can't keep out of trouble. And that's all I'll tell you for now!! Hope you are excited as I am!! Byeeeee. oxo :3

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