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16장 : 거짓말쟁이

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16장 : 거짓말쟁이

( Chapter 16 : Liar )




~ Several days later ~

Chanmi's P.O.V.


Something that has accompanied me most of my life.

Yet,still something I don't quite understand.

Why be sad of something that has already happened?

Unfortunately,sadness is like being stabbed in the heart a thousand times without dying.

Today was an unexpectedly beautiful and warm day for a November one. I was sitting on the half-dried grass,watching the children laugh and play from the corner of the playground.

How could they be so happy when I felt so sad?

Part of me wanted them to feel my pain,so I wouldn't be lonely in it...

...but part of me was glad they couldn't,it was private after all.

I sighed and lowered my head.

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