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4. His Desire
Tyler Hayes


"They are here!  I just knew it and guess whose fault that is" Cody, my older brother sneered.

"I didn't ask for this, this is a curse and you know how much I hate it" I defended.

"Boys calm down, I suspected they were in town. The sudden deaths had to be them sending a message. That's unfortunate because I thought we had a deal, we stayed off their turf and they would do the same and not return here. I can't understand why they are back" Dad said as he paced back and forth in our basement.

"Boys who's back?" Mom asked as she came down the flight of stairs.

"The Williams family"

"But that's impossible, we signed a treaty didn't we? because I'm sure we did" She asked as she looked around the room. "We could stay here but they couldn't passed mablecrest meadows?"

"We did honey, maybe we should just confront them and see what this is all about" Dad suggested.

"As much as I hate to admit this, Cody you might be right this is probably my fault" I buried my face into the palm of my hands before meeting their confused stares beside Mom's since she could hear my thoughts.

"I acquired another ability, I'm far too dangerous now to be alive they probably feel threatened. You know James was enrolled at my school, I'm pretty sure he was the one who saw the vision and alerted his people"

My family and I have roamed the earth for almost seven centuries being nightwalkers. We weren't vampires or werewolves only thing that we had in common was probably being supernatural creatures. We were one of the first families alongside the Williams to inhabit Lockwynne, during our mortal days we never got along with the Williams in fact we were at war when this curse was put upon us by a witch named Annabel.

We became creatures of the night and they became creatures of the day so we wouldn't cross paths henceforth bringing peace. Overtime we found a way that would enable us to be out during daylight however in the nights our gifts were heightened and if our temper got out of hand a transformation will take place revealing what we truly are.

Each of us had a special gift, Mom could hear our thoughts, Dad had the strength of an army, and my sister Amanda, who rebelled and went her separate way had the gift of a lethal bite while Cody had the incredible speed. My gift was mind control however lately something weird was happening.

I've been acquiring the gifts of my family members, it first started with developing a strength that was even stronger than Dad's, then a speed that was similar to Cody's. We moved back to Lockwynne to see if we could find answers to my problems but so far nothing has worked.

The final gift of my mom's kicked in at Pete's I could hear thoughts but not from everyone, I could only hear Hazel's and  she thinks a lot. That wasn't supposed to be happening so I panicked and left immediately. I could also hear my family members but I still couldn't understand why Hazel was the only mortal I could hear.

"Don't you see, I'm ruining the line of balance here I could easily wipe them out and end this on going feud between us once and for all" I sighed.

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