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     CARL AND KLAUS sat across from each other on the two seater table they were given. The diner was pretty full for this early in the morning. The two sat in silence as Carl enjoyed his cup of tea and Klaus basked in some strong coffee. They had already ordered, waiting for their meal to present themselves.

     "So, who even are you?" Carl asked, curious as to who sat in front of him. No normal person would smash their head into a snow globe. If Amanda were here, she'd certainly know how to keep the conversation going. Carl on the other hand, only knew how to keep the other person– never knew how imitate these things though.

    "Klaus. This is Ben," He pointed next to him, where nobody stood. Carl furrowed his eyebrows, Klaus had to be joking with him. "And you?" Klaus asked, taking a slow sip of his coffee.

     Carl sighed, "Carl Jensen. And this," He pointed next to him, "Is air." He huffed out a laugh at his half-assed joke. In awkward situations, Carl couldn't help but crack some jokes. He was glad it didn't seem to bother Klaus on the other hand.

"Who's Ben?" Carl asked curiously. The introduction to the invisible figure was strange, and he hoped that bringing Klaus along with him wasn't a bad choice.

"He's my brother. Kinda dead– actually– 100% dead. Since I can talk to the dead, he just sticks with me. I get like, no privacy." Klaus explained, with that, Carl grew more curious. He motioned for Klaus to keep going and he did. Klaus explained the entirety of his life, feeling that he could trust the man that sat in front of him. He explained The Umbrella Academy and his siblings– which all held special abilities. Except Vanya, Number Seven. He told Carl how his father recently passed, bringing the sibling band back to get her again.

"Kinda like the Jonas Brothers– you guys reunited again, how bittersweet." Carl commented with a small smile. The waitress had came, handing Carl his French toast and handing Klaus a plate of eggs, bacon, and sausage. The aroma filled Carl's nose and he was immediately filled with pleasure as the smell consumed him.

Klaus smiled, it was nice to having to hear someone apologize for his father's death. He somewhat deserved it for all the shitty things he had done. "You should probably clean your forehead, people are starting to stare." Carl whispered, pointing out Klaus's mess of a head.

"Ah shucks, and here I thought it was because I was looking cute today." Klaus sighed dramatically, causing the two boys to laugh. Klaus excused himself, heading over to the men's bathroom. Carl ate his french toast in peace, enjoying the quote moment to himself, the chatter of everyone else in the diner slowly washed away as he focused on himself. This would have been a great time to continue writing his song but sadly, he had no form of paper or pen near him.

Klaus came back, not bothering to sit down. "Hey, I've got to go. Urgent. Maybe I'll see you around?" Klaus asked, Carl nodded and watched as the man ran away. Carl chuckled, knowing fully well they'd meet again.


"Eudora found a dead body?" Carl repeated what Amanda had told him. This town was heading a severe downhill, and Carl couldn't explain why.

"That's what she told me. Kinda creepy if you ask me. He apparently died through bolts of electricity. I mean, that's one way to go." Amanda spoke over the phone, it managed to send chills right though Carl's spine. He would never want to die like that– and with what Klaus had told him, he also never wanted to die through a world-ending apocalypse.

"That sucks, where did they find him?" Carl asked. Amanda mentioned Ishmals Towing Services and the company name hadn't raised any red flags for Carl. "Huh, bad luck." Carl commented. The conversation between the two continued smoothly, with Carl ended it. Carl left the dinner, straightening his light blue jean jacket.

Carl figured that if the world was going to end– he wouldn't need to write his song, instead he could focus on everything he's ever wanted to do. Music was his life, but that didn't mean he didn't want to explore other things.

He walked back to his apartment, he had absolutely nothing to do today. Which was somewhat a good thing because now, he could do whatever. Yet– with everything he could do now, nothing came to mind. He was simply bored and that bothered him. Carl was always very fidgety, and he found a way to console that side of him while writing and recording music. But he found lack of inspiration, and he had completely nothing to do– in conclusion, being bored sucked.

     He looked through his contacts, trying to find anybody to talk to as of now. His finger hovered over an old friend of his. They hadn't talked in a while and Carl figured now would be a good time then any. He had met her at a carpet event, and the two got to talking. Allison Hargreeves, the women he once knew with every bone in his body. He didn't call her, instead opting for the text option. Even so, he didn't know what to say.

     He knew Allison, Five, and Klaus were all related, he just couldn't believe he didn't connect the dots sooner. He sent a simple Hey, and closed his phone shut quickly. Carl didn't want to see the three loading dots that would appear when someone was typing, for some reason, it always made him nervous.

     A ding noise came from his phone, he picked up, seeing an unopened message from Allison. He opened it, his eyes scanning over the text. Hey Carl, it's been awhile huh? How have you been?

     Carl groaned, a small laugh escaped his lips as he texted back. Has it really been so long since we talked that you've reverted back to being formal with me? He exited out of the messages. Carl remembered staying up late at night with Allison, her talking about her husband and child, Claire. He talked about his music and his dream of touring the world.

     Carl had kept up with the celebrity news, knowing Allison and her husband had divorced. She seemed to be doing fine now but Carl still felt bad for her. He opened his phone once again, reading the message Allison had sent. Haha, times last quickly. We aren't those same kids who walked around the streets at midnight and accidentally disturbed every house in the process. Now that I think about it, we were assholes.

     Carl laughed out loud, their friendship was weird but it was Allison & Carl and no one could change that. You might have changed but I'm still an asshole. How's Claire? He hesitated on the last message, but sent it anyways.

     I lost my custody. But I heard she's doing great okay, I want to go see a lawyer again. But if Claire is safe now, I don't want to destroy that for her, ya know? Allison typed back, Carl bit his lip. He didn't want to imagine losing his child. He also wouldn't dare ask Allison how she lost her custody to Claire. It was insensitive and if she wanted to get that off her shoulders, she would come to him.

     I understand, Allison. It's getting late so I wish you the best of luck. He texted back, closing his phone for the night. He needed to find something to do tomorrow, or else, he would be screwed.


Filler chapter today. Not much to say. I hope you all have a great day :)

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