Moving On.

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I wake up to a buzzing sound. I pick up my phone to see who was ringing me. It's my dad. "Answer it babe, it could be important." Ash says in his morning voice, rubbing his eyes. " I don't want to, what if he yells at me?" I ask. "Don't worry, I'll be here." Ash said reasuringly. I sigh and pick up. " Hey dad what's up?" i ask. "Hey, Ash I'm sorry i'm always so........hard on you, can we just start again. Your mum was crying lastnight because she feels as though we are pushing you away... An..." "Dad....I.....don't know...I mean ...I.." "NO! ASH.....*clears throat* We're sorry if we've pushed you away, we've asked Anne Marie if you could ....... with them from now on so that we don't hurt you anymore, it's a tough decision and we love you so much.... well, i better go, love you Ash Bye." "Oh.........okay.........bye then." I say hanging up. I throw my phone and hug Ashton crying a stream of tears. "Ehhhh.... babe what's up?" "My.....mum..a...and to your mum and......decid..decided i'm living with you guys from now on....and..." I begin to explain, crying into Ashton's bare chest but couldn't finish my sentence because of how upset I am. Ash hugs me tightly for a while before pulling away, wiping away my tears. "Babe you may not think so but your mum and dad are only doing what they think is right for you, they don't want to hurt you anymore so they have decided that you can live with us. They do love you, they may not show it but they do." I don't say anything I just wipe away the trapped tears and hug Ash again but pushing him causing him to fall back, I fall with him,my head on his chest, he plays with my hair to calm me down, I fall asleep thinking about how I can't thank Ash enough for what he's done for me.

I soon wake up and feel so much happier, sleep always helps my worries go away, but most importantly so does Ash. "OMG you're FINALLY awake." Mikey says running to me attacking me in a hug. "Yes Mikey I am." I said still half asleep. "You slept through our concert. " Luke explained. "Fuck sake, I wanted to go as well." I said punching the cushion next to me. "Well babe,you have like another 52 concerts to watch. " Ash said walking over to me handing me a cuppa tea. "Meh true, thanks for the drink, love you. " I say kissing his cheek, snuggling up to him. "You too babe." "Guys you 4 make me jealous, I'm just gunna go to the bus and hug my giant banana." Mikey said causing me to laugh. "What's so fun...... Ohhhhhh...... That didn't sound right." I continue laughing taking a sip of my tea.

A few minutes pass,we all decide to head to the tour bus. Next stop Glasgow. We get on the bus and Mikey,Luke and Lauren head straight to the lounge area, while me, Ash and Calum head to the bunk area. "Wait we haven't keek'd in a while." Ash says pulling out his phone, talking to it. He updates everyone on what has been happening recently. He soon stops and puts his phone on the bed before getting ready for bed, Cal was already in bed. I got changed in the toilet. I hop in bed. "Cal can I ask ya summin? " Ash whispered. "Sure mate What's up?" "Don't suppose you know anything about Mikey.." "what do you mean?" Cal whispered. "As in who he likes? " "Dunno, Why'd you ask?" "Just wondering. Don't spose you would find out for me? Ya know ya love me Cal-Pal. " I heard Ash say making me giggle quietly. Calum couldn't answer because the sliding door from the lounge room opened, Ash drew our curtain shut. "Night babe love you." Ash says turning towards me whispering in my ear. "Night Ash, love you more." I say, turning my head,kissing his lips, his arms wrap around my waist , I smile to myself, his head buried in the crook of my neck. I soon hear a low groan telling me Ash had fallen asleep. I can't sleep so I go on my phone and check my twitter. I check my mentions and see a picture of me, Ash and a fan. "@Y/T/N and @Ashton5SOS are so beautiful and kind in real life, Thank-you so much for the picture love you both." I smile and retweet it, I decide to follow her as a way of saying Thank-you. I carry on scrolling through my mentions, a few bad tweets but I don't take any notice because of all the kind and loving tweets. I decide to tweet. "Thank-you for the lovely messages and pictures guys, love you all so much, I'll do a follow spree when I wake up,night everyone ❤" I send it and instantly get a lot of favourites, retweets and tweets, I lock my phone and decide to sleep. I grab Ash,my penguin and hug him. "Saying I ain't good enough?" I heard a whisper I giggle. "Mmmm No, I think my penguin ain't as good as you." I whisper back turning more so I'm hugging him. "Night babe." Ash says I just kiss his cheek, making him smile. I soon fall asleep to the sound of his steady heartbeat.

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