Ocean Eyes (11)

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For miles and miles was a winter wonderland. The ground was caked with feet of snow under a crisp blue sky. Snowflakes dominated the greenery.

For miles and miles, there were no other living souls.

She looked out the window and could practically feel the frost numbing her fingertips, the cool breeze stinging her flush cheeks, the snow seeping into her clothes and bring upon a child-like bliss, the kind unconcerned with cold reality.

Aeress smiled to herself when she recalled the worst winter she had experienced as a young child. It was an official snow day, yet her aunt had somehow found a way to leave. She remembered stripping down to her undies and dunking into the snow without any regard for her own safety. It was embarrassing how ignorant she was, but at least then she could laugh.

Aeress shook her head. Yes, good times.

She examined her orange, wool sweater. It was heaven in a piece of clothing. With it she sported a pair of black leggings and long fuzzy socks with beach-theme decorations. Most of the clothes from her apartment packed for her were for the fall and winter seasons.

There was a knock on the door.

Aeress turned to look at the door with suspicion. It didn't go past her when she realized when she focused her hearing, there was a man.

It was frightening to acknowledge that whatever took place at the celebration had somehow given her a physical boost. It wasn't like suddenly gaining superpowers. Aeress didn't know if this demon would ever return, and suddenly felt a boat full of sympathy for the Hulk.

But she refused to let this thing frighten her into solitude. "Yes?"

In came a familiar face.

Aeress sighed. "I didn't know you were here too, Mikya!" She ran a hand through her hair. A mess as always.

His bright blue eyes widened. She thought he was handsome in a very strange way, almost like an artistic way. His inky hair was slick, combed down the side. "You remembered my name."

Aeress squinted. "Why wouldn't I?"

He bowed his head. "Excuse my confusing words, ma'am. I did not mean to offend you."

Aeress frowned. "I have a name just like you. I hope you didn't forget mine?"

He paled. With a sharp bow of his head, he answered, "of course not, ma'am."

"This is weird now. Relax, please! Just call me Aeress, and I will call you Mikya. I don't know many besides Warrick, and I was hoping to call you a friend?"

His mouth fell open, practically landing on the floor. "It would be an honor!"

Aeress sighed. "Good. I was going a little crazy being in this room all by myself!"

His face scrunched with confusion. "You can leave this room whenever you wish. This is your home."

Aeress examined the room. "Am I being treated so nicely because Warrick is my potential boyfriend?"

Mikya laughed nervously. He didn't laugh too much. She could tell by how uncomfortable the sound was. "In a sense. Without Premier, your... Powers are revered among all werewolf kind. I should warn you that your life will change. You are not an ordinary woman."

Aeress shrugged. "Anyone off the street could tell you I'm not ordinary. This spirit hasn't changed me into some demon queen. I can tell you that without communicating with her."

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