The Registration Provocation

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Angst and betrayal reflects on Aarav's oval face as he shoves the gun into Chinna's mouth.

The safety was pulled, and if Aarav releases the trigger, Chinna's head would blast in a million different directions. Fear and shock lines Chinna face, while he kneels on the ground, looking up at Aarav.

Aniket's bodyguards—who were pointing at Aniket while Chinna was in power—are holding their guns against Chinna's head as Aniket gives them the signal.

So they were on Aniket's side the whole time. I should've trusted him.

I see a smirk play on Aniket's lips as he moves across the room and crouches near Chinna. I can sense Aniket's anger being provoked as Chinna glares back at him without fear in his eyes.

Chinna knows his former best friend. He knows that Aniket will not kill him.

That's why he's being confident throughout this whole scenario.

I need to change that, don't I? I need to show him that death isn't the only thing he could be afraid of. There are worse things than death. Like pain, suffering—fear.

I need to show him what fear looks like. He made me afraid after a long time, and I was holding my thumping heart in my hands as he pointed the gun at my stomach. He was about to kill my husband and the innocent children growing in my womb.

Call it revenge, call it fear. If no one teaches him a lesson of what fear looks like, he will hurt us over and over. The cycle will continue if it is not stopped.

He is not getting out of here without a scar.

I spring up form the uncomfortable bed, striding over to Aniket's side. I reach over to one of Aniket's bodyguards, grasping the gun out of his hands. Aniket gasps as I point it at Chinna's head, pulling the safety.

Idiots. If the bodyguards had tried to shoot Chinna, nothing would have happened. They didn't pull the freaking safety, for heaven's sake.

I need to give them a class on firearms 101.

Chinna's calm facade disappears, and I notice his nose twitch as I provoke the fear within him. Aniket pulls me by my waist, grabbing the gun out of my hands as if I needed to be protected. He points the gun at Aarav instead of Chinna.

Aarav looks up at Aniket for a second, shaking his head. Even before this, Aniket didn't trust Aarav with me. Now that Aarav has proved his 'affection' for me by leaving a mark on my neck, I don't think Aniket will ever trust him again.

I scowl, but I don't argue with him, grabbing another gun from the bodyguard to the right. I pull the safety on this one too, smirking I place it directly on Chinna's forehead. He shivers as the cold metal makes contact with his tan skin.

"Not so powerful now, are you, you little son of a bachelor?" I threaten, pressing the gun further into his head and almost puncturing his skin. Aarav has a gun lodged within Chinna's mouth, gagging him effectively, so as Chinna tries to growl back at me, it sounds like a elephant giving birth.

The two bodyguard in their black suits and their blank faces, stand on either side of Chinna, their hands at their backs as the scene unfolds.

Aniket is still glaring at Aarav as he lodges the gun deeper within the bastard's mouth.

Chinna howls in pain. I hand the gun over to Aniket, as I notice the folded piece of document clutched in Chinna's hand.

I grab the document from his grasp, reading over it. It is indeed a document entailing Aniket's company to be transferred to Chinna's name.

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