Grade A Thinker

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As we know, introverts have some excellent qualities, often overlooked by those around us. Whether you're a student, an employee, a friend, or simply want to make the most of your abilities, here are some things introverts can be.

A good listener
I don't know about you, but I appreciate the friends and family who listen to my problems. If you take the time to listen, you take the time to care. Extroverts, don't you value your introvert mates who lend you an ear in hard times? Do them a favour and offer the same in return.

A grade A Thinker
Those who are good thinkers can make good problem solvers. If you can see a problem from every angle, you can work out a solution. A good imagination also helps when putting yourself in someone elses shoes, a valuable source of empathy.

An organiser
If you spend alot of time thinking you might be good at organising, keeping things tidy and keeping to a schedule. Introverts often work in logistics. They are the people who work in the background keeping everything running smoothly.

A writer
Not all introverts are good with words but blimey, there is a goodly proportion of us that enjoy reading or writing. It's healthy to express your thoughts and feelings, and writing is a quiet, restful way to process our innermost concerns.

An observer
If you are quiet, and watch, you can make the most perceptive observations about the world around you. The most powerful insights into society, human behaviour and ecological issues are often made by introverts. It's that perception which can be used to make the best writers, the best stories. (The greatest quality a writer can have is a brain which functions like a sponge). It's also useful in conjunction with being a good listener - you can offer your friends perceptive advice.

A researcher
Not bored by solitude, an introvert makes a good researcher, with the patience to spend the necessary time reading through information and applying it effectively.

There are alot more qualities available to us but let's not toot our horn.

Extroverts have many fine qualities too, we shouldn't forget that. Good orators, good motivational speakers, they get things done without too much thinking (there comes a time when you have to stop planning and actually start doing). They make good performers (and can also be very perceptive in order to fulfil acting roles). They make good guides, great entertainers, brilliant business people... The list goes on. They are enthusiastic friends, supportive colleagues. If we can learn to work together, complementing our strengths and weaknesses, we could be unstoppable.


What are your best qualities? What else are introverts really good at?

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