Rap , Sex Parties & Drug's

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You Know Thinking back On This Whole event now , I Never Would have Guessed that This Next Leg Of My Journey Would be The Precursor To My Street Mentality And My Rap Ideals And Dreams. In Fact everything About This Span Of next Few years Is Nothing But Drugs , Parties , Rap And Abuse. I Am 6 Years Old And Already I Have Survived A Train Wreck, Witnessed A Murder, Lost A Brother, And Was Bounced Around From Place To Place. So My Head Is Fragile , My Heart Is hurt , And My Future Looking Scary. Some Would Say This Is An Exotic Cocktail Of Amazing Fun ... Or Another Start To A bad Cliche Story. 

So The Courts Rule in My Mother's Favor. My Grandmother Is beside Herself ... Like Literally Just doesn't Want TO Deal With The Situation Anymore. I Don't Blame Her , Again With The Back In Time Eyesight , I See That She Always Was there When no one else was. I remember Walking Out Of the Courtroom in My Mothers Care ... Walk In Under My Grandmothers , Left Under My Mother's. 

Well Not Really I Still Went home With Grandma but Only To Pack And Get things Ready. The Court Ordered That I Was To Take A Plane To Where My Mother Lived Coos bay , Oregon. Grandma had To Pay For It.  Imagine being 6 Years Old Told You Are Getting Ready To Go , By Yourself , On a Plane To A State that Is Like Crazy Far Away. That's Crazy Right ??? Naw That's Normal 

The Most Crazy Thing about That Day Was Sitting After The hearing in My Mother's Car And Her Saying To me. 

" Its All Going To be different Now. You'll See .. " 

Different Is An Understatement. 

I Arrived In Portland , Oregon.  After Having Flown There On The TWA Airline For The First Time All The Way From Tennessee by Myself . Tennessee ??? Yes Tennessee It's Like A Thousand Miles Or Something Away From Coos bay, Oregon And Trust Me A Completely Different Scenery. 

Truth Is I Don't Remember How Long The Flight Was but I do Remember Boarding The Plane , Sitting In The First Row Of Seats Right Behind The Captain Door , And Looking Out The Window Watching Popcorn Shaped Kernels Closely Resembling Clouds Bounce Past The window Like Bouncing Beach Balls . The Chic ( Sorry Airline Stewardess * Changing Times Don't Want To be Disrespectful * ) seeing Me Immediately Went To A drawer And Came back With A Twa Pin Telling Me 

" This Is For All Our new Honorary Captains " 

I Felt Like A King For That entire Ride. 

I Miss Tennessee. It Truly Is the The Perfect Example Of my Ideal Perfect Life. There Is Something About The Memories And The Smells,  Anyways , Plane Ride Over Time TO Move On To This New Life. Do The Traditional Meet And Greet Of Relatives For The First Couple Of Weeks. blah Blah blah Seems Like A blur anymore. 

So Where Is All The Drug's Rap And Parties ???? Come On Man Get To The Good Stuff !!! 

We Were Playing Cb Tag ( A Truckers Game Using Cb Radios My Mother , Uncle Preston , And A bunch Of Other's Were What You Would Call " Party Animal's " ... Legit Like ... Og Status I Kid You not ... See She never Changed Just Made Herself Look Good For The Courts... ) 

3 A.M - Squelch On The Cb Tell Me That something Is Close. 

Mom In The Driver Seat 44 Ounce Convenience Store Cup Full Of 40 ounces Of Liquor. Some Kind Of beer Mixed With Vodka ... Everything Was mixed With Vodka. Rap Music Playing On The cassette Radio , Joint's burning , the Smoke In The Car thick Choking My Lungs Full Filling My Head With A Heavy Feeling While My Hearts beating What Seems Like A voice Telling Me That My Stomach Is hungry But hunger Is just An Expression being Used In Place Of the Need To Feel Fun. 

Everybody Has A Call Sign ... Mine Was Jabber Jaws .. I Never Shut Up As A Kid Talk To Much Probably Still DO. I Can not Remember a Single Other Persons name Except Mine... 

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