Needs and Wants

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Raven finished his meeting with the head of the Hours council at eleven and his plan was to go home. He had furniture to arrange and a bed to set up. Not that he'd sleep, but he had to pretend some sense of normal.

His cell lit up with Scot's face as soon as he attached the phone to the dash and Raven answered as he backed out of the parking space.

"My Raven? Where are you?" Lucah peered over his brother's shoulder and Raven kept his expression pleasant. He also kept his eyes on the road.


"We are in--" Scot started and then looked up. He smiled, and the phone was passed to Lucah.

"Honey, we are in Hours. Cy's here. We took different trains from Middle End."

"And?" Raven raised his eyebrows.

"You have to mark each other," Lucah whispered.

"I'll send Scot a vial," Raven said as he switched gears. He ended the call and set the phone to airplane mode.

"Neither of them will understand that, now," Beau said as he dropped his shield. The man stayed with him all of the time, which Raven wasn't used to. Wren Lance had been involved in the meeting to petition for another bouncer. The dumbass had heard that Raven took care of it for Last Spirits and wanted to cut a deal for Raven to work for him.

No one informed Wren that Raven was Justice. Wren wasn't allowed in Last Spirits, either. The man was Elemental and couldn't smell his upper lip, much less a Feline. Raven refused, and the idiot drew back to hit him. Beau stepped out of his shield and Raven thought Wren was going to wet his pants.

"Uncle!" Wren squeaked, more like prey than predator, and Raven knew Wren was younger than his age. Wisdom came with experience and age was just a number.

He stopped at a light and Beau disappeared when the locks release and Scot poked his head in.

"You came!" his twin beamed and Raven raised his eyebrows as Scot climbed in with the FeLiSe brothers. Cy ended up in the passenger's side where Beau had been and Raven missed the Viper.

Scot and Lucah sat in the back discussing lunch and the windows for the Hollow. Scot designed the clothes and was very hands-on in his store that had locations in every city of the twenty-one planes. 'Home' was The Veil, and the Hollow started there, seventeen years before.

War designed 'armor' for a different battle, now.

Raven cut his eyes at Cy, thinking that Cy wore his armor quite well.

Cy stared out of the window, unaware that Raven was watching him. The horn blew from the car behind them and Raven took off again.

"My Raven, we were hoping for lunch?" Scot requested.

"I could drop you off at Law's. Selena serves prime rib and it's reservation only but I have a standing table."

Beau filled Raven in on the 'new hell' after Raven got home from the bar.

"Oh, thank you, my Raven!" Lucah smiled at him in the rearview mirror and Raven drove them to the restaurant. He pulled to the curb and the three of them exited the vehicle. Cy whispered a 'thank you' and Raven frowned at the cut above Cy's eye.

"What happened?"

"I slipped." A patented response. Raven arched a brow.

"Scot hasn't offered to heal that for you?"

"We aren't uhm..." Cy looked down. Raven pierced his index finger, dabbing his blood over the cut. When he was done, Cy didn't even have a scar.


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