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The Details

Book 1 - Mr Black

Title: Mr Black

Author: B.L.Gregory

Subtitle: He's coming for you.

Genre: Action & Paranormal.

Cast [optional]: Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr Black

                            Alona Tal as Eva Jones


What I do want: Something that can set the tone, such as: reference to reapers or generally suits, specifically black suits which is the paranormal aspect. Smoke, fog, or mist layered at the bottom, or some reference to a graveyard. Or A reference to gambling, so either a deck of cards, black jack table, or even a bar. Something with the significance of gambling, but also that bears a foreboding aspect.

What I don't want: Anything that indicates the story is in any terms happy. To be quite honest, action and paranormal isn't exactly a peppy subject. So no cursive fonts, no teen fiction covers, and please no smiling pictures.

Pictures [optional use]: Only of celebrities

Awwthentic Note: My first hand at paranormal stuff. I think it's fair job if not good. Purposely, kept that red eye to give evil effect of the smoke that seems to be trying to consume the cast or overpower them.  Call me text crazy, I love text effects more than anything. And, i slipped it in too. But, its going with the theme. Right?

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Dated: 11/09/2014

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