Chapter 12

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Kyle's POV

The second week of the semester had passed by so quickly, it was all a blurr to Kyle. Ever since God had hit him with that shocking revelation, he had not thought about anything else.

"I must be going crazy" he reasoned "God gives free will, so why would he force her on me? No that was definitely NOT God". Kyle thought of himself as a very logical guy, so this sound argument should have been enough to put him at ease. But the dreams kept coming every night like clockwork, dreams about "her". At first, the strange dreams were different each night the only thing linking them were Valeria and himself. Somewhere around Wednesday, however, one particular dream started recurring every night:

He was tightly chained up, and Jesus would appear, asking Kyle to give him the keys and over and over. He kept saying he did not have them, instead there was a faceless girl standing nearby who kept the keys.
Jesus would then get the keys from the faceless girl and set Kyle free. He would then turn to Kyle and say

"Valeria is waiting for you, go to her"

Over and over again, Kyle would ask why and hesitate. But eventually he would leave that place and find himself walking up a hill. Once he got to the top, he would see a tree with a bench underneath, and sitted on the bench was Valeria. He would walk up to her, sit down and hold out his bruised and bleeding wrists where the chains had been and say to her "it hurts". She would then reach out and gently touch the injuries and say "I know, it's going to be okay" he would wake up at that moment every night without fail.

This was beggining to frustrate Kyle so much, that by friday, his nerves were raw. He was also mentally and emotionally exausted. The last thing he wanted to do was see the person who had been tormenting his dreams. Thankfully, he only had one tutorial today and on fridays, he and Val do not share any classes together.

There are no words are no words to describe the torrent of emtions he went through the moment Val walked in and walked towards the only available seat in the auditorium, next to him.

"what are you doing here?!" he whispered through gritted teeth

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"what are you doing here?!" he whispered through gritted teeth

Valeria who had given him a small smile and knod, as she sat down know looked at him with shock.

"I'm here to learn?" she said still in shock but trying to use sarcasm to ease the tension.

"what are you doing in this tutorial? Yours is on thursday!" he had made sure to check who was in his tutorial group in order to avoid her.

"If you must know, I missed that tutorial. Ms Kuan let me attend this one to replace the one I missed" her tone now took on an icy edge clearly not appreciating being snapped at.

The rest of the class went by in stony silence from both sides. Both parties counting the minutes till they could get as far away as possible from each other as they could.

But God had other plans.

"before I dismiss you, I will be assigning you into groups of two for your conflict resolution assugnment due next month" there were several groans amongst the students. Ms Kuan was the only lecturer that felt the need to assign group members as she believed it would help teach her students how to work with different kinds of people.

She began calling out names and there were mixed reations from the students. When she got to Kyle he tensed, he silently prayed he would not be paired ith Valeria.

"Kyle and Xin Xuan" he felt himself relax until his parter spoke up

"Miss, I will not be able to partner with Kyle as I will not be around after next week for a whole month, I had mentioned it to you last week"

"aaah yes I forgot, thank you for reminding me"
"alright seeing as there is no one else and Valeria your usual group was paired up yesterday, you and Kyle shall work on the project together. See you all next week and have a great weekend" with that she smiled and walked out of the auditorium with a couple of disgruntled students hot on her heels trying to negotiate for a change in partners.

Kyle and Valeria sat in disbelief at what just happened.

"this is great, just my luck I get stuck with her" Kyle mumbled to himself

"what is your problem?! What did I do to make you hate me so much?!" Valeria said in exasparation.

" we should get started on our project, I will text you my schedule and get yours so we can plan our meetings around them" was all Kyle said in response.

"fine" she got her things and walked out, clearly frustrated with the air not being cleared.
He ran his hand through his hair in frustration as he walked home. All he wanted to do was sleep, but the last thing he needed was another hiltop dream about Valeria.

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