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Yes I actually wrote a Wonah fix-it fic for 3x05
And what about it?

PROMPT: Jonah and Walker end up in the same canoe on a trip to the lake with all their friends
Word Count: 1600

Jonah can't help but stare in wonder at the curly-haired boy standing before him as he watched Walker skip rocks across the lake with Buffy. He sighs to himself.
"Why did I let myself fall for him?"

  "Jonah, are you listening?" a voice that could only belong to Andi interrupts his thoughts.
"Huh?" Jonah whips his head around to see the girl with Cyrus sitting next to her, both wearing a confused look on their faces. "Why were you so zoned out?" Cyrus asks. Jonah feels his face become hot, "No reason," he nervously chuckles, "Just...thinking."
Andi and Cyrus exchange smirks and knowing looks, not giving Jonah any response.

  He can't stop thinking about how every time Walker looks his way his heart skips a beat. Or how every stroke of Walker's paint brush or pencil completely mesmerizes him. However, he always comes back to earth once he remembers one thing.
"I can't ever have him."

  While the group is pairing off for the unexpected and unplanned canoe rides, Jonah is contemplating whether or not to ask Walker to canoe with him.
  Eventually Jonah is able to gain confidence and walks over to Walker with a smile, trying his hardest to hide the blush creeping up on his cheeks.
"Hey, Artist." he says. Walker flashes his shining smile, oar in hand. "Jonah, what's up?" Jonah shrugs, trying to appear casual. "I was just wondering," he says, "Do you want to share a canoe?"

   Walker's brown eyes that Jonah have been staring into become lively, "Yeah, of course." Jonah's excitement grinds to a halt when the boys are approached by Buffy.
"Walker, want to canoe with me?" she asks. Jonah looks between the two, then to at his shoes, jealousy starting to make his heart ache.
"Um, actually Buffy-" Walker says before being interrupted by Jonah, "No, it's okay," he says, his disappointment coating his voice,"You two go on, I'll just share with Cyrus." Buffy furrows her eyebrows, "Oh, were you guys going?" she asks. Walker nods.

  She smiles, "Okay then, you guys go." Jonah's eyes widen, his lips stretching into a grin. "Really?" he asks, practically bouncing on his toes. Buffy nods, "Yeah, I'll go with Cyrus."
The thrill starts building up in Jonah's chest once again.

  "That was nice of her." Walker says. Jonah nods, "Yeah," he says, "Are you sure you want to canoe with me?"
Walker shrugs, "Why wouldn't I?" he asks. Jonah tries to not smile as hard as he wants to or blush as much as the other boy is making him.
"Just making sure."
Walker lets out a small laugh, "Okay," he gestures toward the canoes where everyone else is already getting their life jackets on. "Come on."

"This is really happening? I'm not dreaming this time?"

  Soon enough, Walker and Jonah are drifting along the water in a comfortable silence, gracefully stroking their oars against the water. Each jolt forward of the boat matches the leaping of Jonah's heart.
   "Have you ever done this before?" Walker asks from behind him. Jonah chuckles, "Nope." The curly-haired boy laughs, "Then how are you so good?" Jonah feels glad that Walker can't see the intense redness of his face at that moment. "It's just rowing, it's not too hard." he replies with a shrug.
  Walker smiles, "Modest, huh?" Jonah's eyes widen for a moment before he finally turns to look at Walker, "What do you mean?" he asks, wondering if he can blame his blush on the heat.
   "I mean, you're really talented," Walker says, "Even if it's just rowing a canoe." Jonah stops rowing and swings his legs over the seat of the canoe so that he's facing Walker. "Thanks," he bites his lip, "You're insanely talented, just look at all your art."

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