Chapter 17

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The air has certainly gotten colder as [Y/N] long sleeves are blown away by the wind. It hasn't snow yet but she knew that the winter is nesr due to the fact that there are no animals insight, which means that either they have started hibernation, or maybe migrate towards some place warmer. That is, if there is such a place.

Upon arriving at her destination, her orbs landed on a white big and puffy tent that suddenly popped up behind the school. Looks like she arrived on time to suprise the gems, the [H/C] haired gem then grin to herself before skipping happily towards the tent.

She could even heard the distant sleepy chatters of the gems, it appears most of the gems are inside the tent, trying to assemble the pillows and blankets, she swore she heard Red Beryl chanting about "measures". She tip toed towards the entrance of the tent before violently open the pure white curtains.

"I'M BACK!!" The gem shouted, but it was replied with silence instead.

"[Y/N].. Is that really you..?" Before the gem could even looked back, she was engulfed in a hug by Yellow Diamond. Zircon who was standing behind Yellow, quickly catched all of the pillows that the yellow haired gem dropped.

"Yes, it's me," [Y/N] smiled gently as she return the older male's hug. And soon it turned into a hugging party, the commotion manages to catch Kongo's attention, he then quickly fast walk towards the tent. His orbs widen upon the sight of [Y/N] chatting happily at the gems, he did not hesitate to go to her direction and envelope her in a hug.

It was a joyful day, but the sun had fallen and the moon had risen, it's the beginning of hibernation, and of coures [Y/N] wanted to visit a certain red haired gem hidden within the caves alone with her mercury. Cinnabar greeted her with a gentle smile, she even compliment her new clothes which [Y/N] replied that it was Ventricosus who made it.

The two shared a tiny conversation before Cinnabar starts her hibernation, just as [Y/N] was about to go back she stopped for a few minutes as a snowflake landed on her nose. She smile to herself as she is about to be reunited with none other than her partner, Antarcticite.

The night was cold but it didn't bother her that much, the lack of light was no problem either as she is half winter gem that can withstand the lack of sunlight that is available during the winter season. But right now, she just can't wait to see the sun again!

Being under the sea too much can get quite boring, good thing the two admirabilis are good entertainers, now that the gem is currently remembering the new memories they shared together, she realized how she missed them. But she knew that they are going to meet again, someday.

[Y/N] finally arrived at the school, there she could see Kongo waiting for her at the entrance, the male was half asleep as the gem could see some holes in the walls and the pillars. Guess she has to repair them tomorrow now. After leading Sensei back to his quaters (creating a few more holes in the process of coures), [Y/N] then went to hers to get some shut eye.

The morning came as the sun decided to bother her sleep, but unlike the usual days where [Y/N] would just burried herself in the covers again and be woken up by a yelling Rutile, she jumped out of her bed, get dressed in the clothes that Ventricosus had given her and made a mad dash towards the wooden tub sitting in the hallway just right beside the Medic Corner.

"It's the first day of winter!" [Y/N] chirped happily as she ran towards the tub with a big smile plastered on her face, but upon arriving at her destination, her expression turned to a confused one.

Why? Because the tub was empty!

"Eh.. W-where could he be..?" [Y/N] muttered to herself as she lift the tub gently to see if Antarc's under there, nope he is not under there. Then where is that winter gem-

"Looking for me?" A familiar voice then boomed through the empty hallways.

[Y/N] then tilt her head back and her orbs was met with silvery white ones that belongs to Antarcticite. "It has certainly been a long time, hasn't it [Y/N]- W-WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR WINTER UNIFORM?!?!?" Antarc then yelled as he took a few steps closer to the half einter gem to examine her new look.

"Well, a lot has happend!" The female gem replied as she flashed a grin at Antarc who can only replied with a soft smile on his face.

"Then, I'm sure there is still some time before our chores starts. We have a lot of catching up to do," He stated as he then lead her towards the bench just right in front of the big jellyfish pond.

Laughters could be heard from afar as the two gems shared stories, well mostly [Y/N]'s stories. I mean Antarcticite wouldn't dare to share his dreams during his sleep, because his dreams are mainly about [Y/N] and some other random dreams about other gems.

He once dreamed about Padparadscha stealing [Y/N] to the moon and boy was he shook, Rutile woke up in the middle of the night just to comfort him in his liquid form. It was very embarassing, good thing he couldn't talk in his liquud form. Otherwise, it is going to be a whole diffrent story. An embarassing one!

Their conversation was interupted by the sound of what it looks like a gem just hit his or her head on the floor. The two winter hems quickly stood up and slowly walked towards the source of the sound. And soon enough, the two gems each emits a diffrent scream.

"YOU! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" Antarc exclaim while pointing his finger at the younger gem who then hid behind his beloved Senpai's back.

"Phos?! Shouldn't you be hibernating?!," [Y/N] then exclaim as she pried Phos off her body.

"How am I supposed to sleep when this gem right here is flirting with you?!" Phos screamed while pointing at Antarc.



Hello there my dear beautiful Readers! I apologize for not updating for quite some time. Trust me, I am not going to end this book considering how many new readers I have received through time! They really inspired me to continue on. Thank you for supporting me!! We are now beginning to enter the Winter Arc!!

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