Living Again~ Ten

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"So what is this project about?" Claire asked, forking up her spaghetti and taking a bite.

"World war one." I mumbled, picking at my food but not really eating it. I was still pissed at everyone at the table. He isn't even my friend... or at least not completely.

"Oh which aspect of it?" Joe was into all this war stuff. His grandfather was a soldier and told him stories or something. I vaguely remember Claire telling me I can come to him if I need any help since he knows a lot about it.

"We can choose anything." Ethan replied.

"So what topic did you guys pick?"

"Life in the trenches." I replied, since Ethan was too busy chewing.

"Nice, that's a really good idea. Bet you can get loads of stuff from interviews done by the ones who survived."


It was silent for a while and I finally took my first bite. If anyone noticed my lack of food consumption, they didn't say anything. Ethan then started a conversation about what we did today. That we went to the park and I got to eat the best hotdogs in the history of hotdogs.

"She ate 3?!" Claire exclaimed. 

"Yeah she did." 

"Then they MUST be good!" She seemed proud of me.

The way he was so lively while talking to my aunt and uncle, it seemed as if he'd known them all his life.

I kept quiet thinking about how awkward this dinner would have been if Ethan wasn't here to lighten things up. Even though I wasn't saying anything, somehow the way he looked at me often and talked made me feel like I was still part of the conversation, even if I was just nodding and smiling.  

Once we were done the guys watched football on the T.V and I helped Claire clear up stuff in the kitchen.

"So," She started hesitantly, "I didn't know you two were such good friends."

"We're not friends." I said, placing the plates in the dishwasher.

"Then why did he come all the way here to return your stuff?"

"I don't know." I mumbled.

She didn't say anything to that, giving me time to think. "Maybe he wanted to make sure I work on the project."

"Maybe he was just being nice." She retorted.

"Maybe he didn't want to bring it with him to the library because it's too girly."

"Maybe he cares about you."

"Maybe he.. " I racked my brain for reasons he would return it at this time. Come on, Marissa, think. She raised her brows at me. "Fine, you win."

She smiled warmly. "He's a nice guy Marissa, why don't you see that in him?"

"He stood me up on a date." I snapped.

She gasped. I continued, "And since then he's been trying to make it up to me."

"I see. Well maybe it's time you should forgive him honey."

"Aunt Claire, you're supposed to be on my side!" I whined.

She laughed. "It's not about sides. It'll do you good to have more friends who live nearby." 

With that she went to the living room to join the her husband and the uninvited guest.

I followed her but stopped near the entrance, watching the scene in front of me. Claire was sitting by Joe on the loveseat and Ethan was standing in front of the T.V, really keen on the football match. A few seconds later they both cheered as the team they supported got a goal. I rolled my eyes, boys.

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