The Betrayal

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We're almost at the end :) I can't believe how far we've come and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who are reading, it means so much to me.

"Theodore." His name rolled off my tongue in a sinful exhale of a moan as Oliver lightly nipped my neck.

His eyes seemed cat-like; they glowed with a fierceness I hadn't seen before as I felt them skim across my guilty entanglement. Embarrassment filled my cheeks and my body became even more flustered under his darkening gaze.

My hands, which were smoothed across Oliver's back, felt each muscle as they rippled like waves and tensed under my palms. Somewhere in the pits of my dark soul, I liked it. I liked the way that Theodore's eyes seemed to ignite, especially when I shot him a teasing grin.

However, a shriek ripped through the very particles of the air and shattered the lustful, albeit wild, thoughts that had taken hold in my head.

Of course, nothing good could ever happen if she was around. I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to hurl.

The cloud cleared from my mind enough for me to untwine my body. I still felt feverish, even in the wintry outdoors, but Lady Harringson's snarling face quickly dealt with that.

"Lady Lovonton!" Her voice carried her reprimand, mixed with her obvious disgust at the situation, across the small space that separated us.

Lovonton? Didn't think I would ever hear that name again.

Oliver, who had turned away from me and was now gazing at the two strangers, sent them both hard glares. "Who are you and what are you doing on my property? This is not a respectable time to be calling."

Lady Harringson opened her mouth to retort, but Theodore interrupted her before she could even start with her bullshit, "It seems like many things are not respectable about this situation, and yet, here we are. The unrespectability of a situation does not mean that it does not take place, only that it occurs at a reasonable time." His words were bold in their double meaning. He waved his hand to his surroundings, "Hence the timing of this meeting."

Silence settled all around us at his words.

I could feel the tension escalating. It was almost palpable, a silent battle between a life that I used to lead and the life I was leading. They were meeting in such an unsavory way.

My eyes skimmed both Theodore and Lady Harringson in all of their glory. It was no secret that they were among the highest of classes with their lush fabrics and glinting jewels that flashed in the darkness of the night.

I cast a suspicious eye over the pair. They came at such an odd hour, so this wasn't a formal visit. And the darkness that now hugged us seemed to be foreshadowing untold secrets about to be spilt.

"Why are you here then?" My question was blunt and to the point. I didn't need the judgement, that even the darkness couldn't hide, clearly written across Lady Harringson's face.

"It's actually simple." He paused, commanding absolute attention to himself, "I need you to come back." The words slipped off his tongue as if it were the most obvious thing in the entire world.

I laughed at the absurdity of it.

He let me finish laughing before saying two simple words, "Lady Lovonton." It came off as a reprimand. A reprimand that made me very angry, very quickly.

"No, that is not my name." My words were said in a snarl. Why would he call me that when we both knew that it was made up? There was no cousin of a cousin, and there was no Lady Lovonton. There was just Blue, just me.

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