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Five hunched over forward into the desk in anger, even more, pissed off that we still can't get that bloody name. I stood behind Klaus as he was sitting in the chair. Bringing my fingers up to pinch the bridge of my nose in anger as well.

"As I said to your son and daughter earlier, any information about the prosthetic we build is strictly confidential. Without the client's consent, I simply can't help you." The doctor began to explain for the 100th time. 

"Well, we can't get consent if you don't give us a name," Five hissed at the man. 

"Well, that's not my problem. Sorry. Now, there's really nothing more I can do, so--" He began before being cut off by Klaus. 

"And what about my consent?" Klaus asked making all of us look at him with a confused face. 

"Excuse me?" The doctor asked equally as confused as we are. I look to my left and see Five giving me a confused look as if I know what Klaus is up to. 

"Who gave you permission...to lay your hands on my son and daughter?" Klaus said almost in tears. I raised my eyebrow and looked down at him. 

"What?" Both the doctor and Five ask. 

"You heard me," Klaus responded from his seat. 

"I didn't touch your them." The man stated.

"Oh, really? Well, then how did he get that swollen lip, then?" Klaud asked getting up from his seat to look at Five. 

"He doesn't have a swollen--" He began to say. Klaus then swung his fist towards Five's face. Five grunts in pain as my hand quickly covers my mouth, stopping me from making any noise. 

"And my daughter..." Klaus trailed off as he approached me. Not really sure what he was going to do to me, I backed up into the corner, trapped. 

Klaus brings his hands up to the collar of my shirt and rips the buttons off exposing my pink colored bra. 

"Klaus!" I yell covering myself as best as I can. 

"She was not part of this plan," Five grumbled in anger as he took off his jacket covering my exposed chest. Klaus rolled his eyes at Five before turning his attention back to the doctor. 

"Thanks," I say to Five as he was now standing in front of me. I could now see his lip now becoming swollen from Klaus punch. 

"I want it. Name, please. Now," Klaus demanded as he leaned over the desk like Five was doing before. 

"You're crazy" He answered pointing at Klaus. He only chuckled at his comment. 

"You got no idea," Klaus said before looking down and picking up a snow globe. "Peace on Earth. That's so sweet," He said looking at the words engraved on it. He forcefully mashed it on his forehead causing it to explode everywhere and cutting him in the process. 

"Oh my..." I said covering my mouth once again in shock. 

"God, that hurt!" He yelled in pain as he looked back up at the man who was now reaching for his phone. 

"I'm calling secur--" He began to say before Klaus ripped the phone off his hands. "What are you doing?" He asked confused. 

"There's been an assault...in Mr.Big's office, and we need security, now. Schnell!" Klaus gasped in pain.  I could see Five starts to look around to see if any security had already made they're way towards us, but luckily there was still none. 

"Now, here's what's gonna happen, Grant" Klaus began looking once again at the terrified doctor. 

"It's...Lance," He corrected him. 

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