Finn | nothing breaks like a heart

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It had been a long day, a boring extended amount of time of sitting around in different meetings discussing things about my next show. But I knew that the boring parts only left room for the much more exciting times.

The car drive was pretty long, Mom had already dropped off Gigi and Bella, and she promised me she'd drop me off at Finn's for the night. I just kept my head rested against the window, I just wanted to see Finn.

He'd make me a lot happier, I wouldn't say that I was sad, or mad, just absent minded. I was tired, passive aggressive to say it correctly. She pulled up by his house and I unbuckled the seatbelt and grabbed my backpack.

"Call me when you're ready to leave." She said.

"I will mom."


I gave her a tired smile "I promise mama"

She smiled before waving me off "Okay go before I go in with you."

I closed the door and walked to the front steps, she drove off the second I stepped away which made me chuckle to myself. I got a better grip on my backpacks strap as I went to grab the spare key that Finn secretly gave me awhile back.

I unlocked the door and did a small yawn as I closed the door. I noticed that no one was on the lower level, I tossed my backpack down on the floor and walked towards the stairs.

It was so dark that the only thing that lit the room was the moonlight, and if my phone weren't dead from putting in many dates and important notes, I would've used it's flashlight.

I felt my knee smack into the stairwell and I instantly brought my hand to it "Fuck." I muttered. I shook it off and walked up the stairs, getting slightly annoyed with how much walking I was having to do to find my boyfriend.

I finally made it up the last step and walked up to Finn's door. I was looking down and I let out a sigh "Finn are you in here?"

I looked up and I felt my stomach sink, my heart felt like it was shattered into millions of pieces. Millie and Finn had just barely separated lips when they heard my voice.

"Y/n it's not what it looks like." Millie said.

Hearing that just made me more mad, did they think I was stupid? I've seen enough movies and heard enough stories to know exactly what it looks like, and I've been played.

I couldn't even begin to find the words to speak, it felt like if I did I would scream, or cry, or throw up. And I can't let them see me anything other than fine.

"I'm leaving." I said quickly turning as I did so.

"Wait Y/n please hear us out." Millie said grabbing my arm.

I snatched my arm from her hand and turned to face her. Did this bitch actually touch me? And she wanted me to hear her out? I slapped her, harder than I've ever slapped someone.

I had slapped her so hard it hurt me, not just by the impact but the sound was enough to make me flinch. I knew it would leave a mark.

"Stay the fuck away from me." I said. "You're a disgusting excuse for a friend."

Her face fell and for once in my three years of knowing her, I saw regret and sadness in her eyes. But I didn't care, I didn't know how to feel. But I knew damn well happy wasn't what I was feeling.

I turned away and walked as fast as I could, if I was lucky enough mom wouldn't be that far and she'd just take me home with her. I ran down the stairs so hard that I fell on the last step and cursed under my breath.

I felt an immense amount of pain in my left knee and saw that it was bleeding, just my luck. I stood up anyway and grabbed my backpack, throwing the stupid key onto the ground angrily.

"Y/n wait! Please don't do this!" Finn yelled running down to catch up with me.

"Don't make me the villain, you cheated! You betrayed me!"

"I'm sorry, there's no excuse I'm just sorry."

"You are sorry, a sorry excuse of a boyfriend." I said. "It doesn't matter you have her now."

"Y/n please don't do this I love you."

That's probably what hurt the most, the fact that he said he loved me. Because if he had really loved me, truly undoubtedly loved me, he wouldn't have cheated on me with someone who makes me as insecure as Millie.

"Yeah?" I asked sniffling, feeling the tears stinging my eyes, not quite falling but enough to make my mascara burn my eyes. "Well I don't love you, not anymore."

Maybe that was too much, but it felt right. Seeing his face fall I knew that the damage was done, I hope his heart was shattered like he'd just done to mine. I looked down at my knee, still bleeding down my leg and onto the floor.

"You're bleeding." He said as if I hadn't felt my blood falling out of my knee like a god damn waterfall.

"Don't act like you care for me." I spat. "I hope she cheats on you so you know the pain I feel."

I slammed the door behind me as hard as I could, and I sat on the cement step for a minute, and allowed myself to cry.

I cried so much I thought I could never stop, I cried so much I thought that if I didn't stop I might choke.

I picked up my phone, but quickly realized it was dead, and I only had two options. Go back inside and use their phone, or walk. And currently, I'd rather be dead than see them again.

So I stood up, and began my long walk into the dark cold night, alone. I limped every other step, hoping that I would stop bleeding soon, looking out for mom's car everywhere.

Then finally, I saw her car at a stop sign and I gathered up all my energy to run up to it and tap on the passengers side.

"Y/n? What are you doing out here alone?" She looked at my face "Were you crying?" I nodded and she unlocked the car letting me in, I sat down and buckled up. "You're bleeding."

"I just wanna go home mom."

She gave me a said look before Turing to face the road again "You can tell me when we get there."

I sighed and held my backpack close, resting my head on it "I will, trust me I will."

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