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“GET OUT! You’re a monster and we want you out now!” Their eyes burning into mine with hatred and fear.

“But momma, poppa. I’m not a monster, I'm your son!” I say as my face drowns in tears.

An unexpected smack throws me to the floor. I cup my cheek and stare at my poppa in shock. He has never even raised a hand at me before. Now he hits me for something I can’t control. I don’t want to be a monster; I don’t want to change into a wolf. Not if it means losing my family.

“You are not our son. You never were! We found you on our porch when you were just a babe. It was the biggest mistake bringing you into our lives. Now get out!”  Momma, Emily, says.

My body feels numb and cold as I run out the back door. They aren’t my real parents; my whole life has been a lie! I'm thirteen years old, they should have told me! My tears fly as I sprint into the trees. A sudden urge to change comes over me and I welcome it. My white paws hit the ground and I howl as I leave behind the betrayal.


2 years later

I crouch lowly and stalk forward silently. The buck continues drinking from the stream peacefully. I lunge and sink my canines into his neck. Shaking my head violently I feel his neck crack. Just as I'm about to dig in a burning pain pierces my neck.

Standing quickly I shake my head when everything starts spinning. My legs collapse from under me and I fall to the ground. I try to lift my head but fail when boots come into view. A man’s face smirks at me before everything goes dark.

They open the cage and I growl weakly. All they do is laugh before they start the beating once again. Every day it’s the same thing. Whip, live wires, knives, hot metal and repeat. I don’t even put up a fight anymore. It’s been the same for the past 7 years of my life.

Hours later I hear the cage open again. I don’t have the energy to even growl at them. Suddenly water pours over my coat. Looking up I see Patrick, the leaders son, starring at me sadly. He's never hurt me before. He sneaks me food and water late at night.

“You have to leave Legacy! I hear dad say he was going to kill you in the morning.” He whispers. “They all went out to a bar so now is your chance. Just keep running south; dad says we move up north after we leave here. You’ll be safe if you just go south!”

I find the strength to stand on wobbly legs. With a lick to the little boy who saved my life I sprint out my cage and into the trees. Finally I'm free and I'm planning on staying that way forever.

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